Charlotte , just a normal , teenage girl , unnoticed and unpopular , until she sneeks out to a party and runs into 9 month transfer harry , and he was the famous boy everyone wanted . Will he hurt her or stay faithful? while this is happening her friend is in a bit of a love triangle and a scndelous "affair" between her boyfriend louis and love interest niall horan . What will be to come in this crazy year of highschool .


8. just another day




Samanthas P.O.V 


There i stood staring at the blue eyed blonde boy , and i could tell he was staring at me as well . I blanked out and thought about ditching louis and asking out the irish boy but i couldn't think of how to say it until that option was out .

" BOYS ... THIS IS MY ... GIRLFRIEND SAM!" louis yelled and all the boys greeted me and jumped around . My jaw dropped and i couldn't beleive the words that just escaped his mouth. 

i was a bit disappointed , i have a boyfriend now ... and i don't want one anymore . i want niall . 

He is soo cute and funny and i honestly think i have a chance with him . The way his eyes sparkle , the way his smile lights up the room .. i want him . And only him . How would i tell louis ? Whats going to happen next ? The boys were having a get together and invited a few people and we all sat out around a bonfire , drinking some beers and bar-b-q'ing , we were all having so much fun but louis kept wrapping his arms around me and kissing me . no , stop , don't do that , i thought to myself , feeling extremely guilty of my feelings . "Im gonna go get some beer" a thick irish accent said from the other end of the fire . 

" i need to go to the loo " i told louis a he just nodded and continued hi conversation with the boys . 


"hey want some beer , theres two left , one for you and one for me?" he said chuckling .

"huh sure , wanna sit?" i said gesturing to the bar in the far end of the kitchen .

he agreed and we talked for about an hour and louis came in once to check on me , only saying hi since he was drunk . not that me and nail aren't . 

we were having a laugh when nail blurted out " your really beautiful..." i grinned and he leaned in closer , and closer until finally our lips we joined , my stomach did flips and i knew , he was the one . I felt this with louis but it wasn't the same . there was no description for how i felt now .



my alarm went off and it was monday . i heard a loud groan and turned over to find niall. laying .right .next to me . 



Charolettes P.O.V. 


BONG ! BONG ! BONG ! BONG ! BONG ! BONG! "ughhhh 5 more minutes!" i yelled slapping the snooze button until i remembered , i need to look good today . My body jolted upright and ran to the restroom . I pulled out  my curler and created long loose curls behind my back , after that i proceeded to put on some eyeliner and mascara , followed by some mineral power creating an even satin layer over my few subtle acne scars , which weren't actually very noticeable . then i brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouth wash . What was i going to wear!?!?!? scrambling through my closet i thought " im due for a well needed shopping spree..." My hands fumbled through the clothes and i found a pair of light wash ripped skinnys with bunched ankles with a

multi colored tribal print loose short sleeve tee my older cousin gave me on her last visit last year . This was so hard ! how do normal girls do this . i slipped on my back pack and black sparkly toms and couldn't forget , my red track hood and rushed out the door to go to school .


i pulled into the school parking lot and hopped out of the audi even though i normally take the bus but today i was feeling spontaneous . i got tons of stares and gasps because the nerdy girl ... looked good , and had a nice ride .  As i made my way through the hallway to my locker the bell rang , vie never been late before , but then again vie done a lot of new things this morning . While was searching through my locker to find my binder when i heard someone behind me . Quickly i turned around to find jackson faced towards me .

"had fun saturday night , you?" he said winking at me .

"GO AWAY..!" i spoke defensively .

he grinned and turned towards the hallway bend and said "see you later , gorgeous " as he walked away to his class .



I quickly made my way to english class after the announcements .


FOOSH ! the door to mrs.lettas room swung  open revealing me looking tired and out of breath .

"why are you late mrs.gomez ?" mrs.letta said annoyed and surprised all at once .

"uhmm .... woke up late " i said , completely oblivious to the fact that harries jaw dropped when i walked in , his eyes followed me to my seat next to his and as i sat down he whispered something in my ear "your look different then normal?" he asked questioningly . " is it bad?" i asked hoping i didn't look stupid.

" no .. you look amazon but i like it when your ... comfortable " he chuckled , "and are you wearing makeup? you don't need it"

i couldn't help but blush . The whole class period he held my hand and i couldn't help but notice all the stares from the girls around the room . When the period ended all the girls were whispering to each other about how im ugly , and nerdy , and my boobs were too small , vie never felt sooo... unliked . Until harry found me after i fled the class and waked me to second period science , hand in hand . It was kind of ... official .


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