Charlotte , just a normal , teenage girl , unnoticed and unpopular , until she sneeks out to a party and runs into 9 month transfer harry , and he was the famous boy everyone wanted . Will he hurt her or stay faithful? while this is happening her friend is in a bit of a love triangle and a scndelous "affair" between her boyfriend louis and love interest niall horan . What will be to come in this crazy year of highschool .


2. First party .. ever

There we were . parked in front of a million dollar mansion . Not that mine wasnt but im used to it . we made our way across the street and toward the front yard and as soon as i stepped of the asfault i did the unexpected .... i face planted staright into the grass . Samantha quickly pulled me up and laughed , almost to the point of crying , good thing no one was outsdide . we made our way inside and grabbed some red cups " oooo is this punch!" i asked sam "noo ... just try it " so there i was on my 7th cup , and drunk now . i was turning the corner to find my way to another cup when i bumped in guess who? jackson jackson , the boy with two last names . or the boy whos liked and been a creeper towards me since 9th grade . he reminds me of some phsycotic rapists . " dont you think youve had enough"? he said with a genuinly concerened yet still creepy voice. "not until i have FUN!" i say in my drunken ass voice . i stumbled and he caught me and said "ill show you some fun" leading me into a large black room . "are we playing HIDE AND SEEK!" i yell sounding like a 5 year old . "no , something better " he took me by the wrists and threw me to the floor and tryed getting on top of me kissing my neck . " GET OFF!" i screamed . " dont resist it" he whispered making his way towards my mouth with his lips . " PLEASE , PLEASE GET OFF OF ME , PLEASE!!!!" i screamed in terror . finally he forced his toungue into my mouth . i bit down hard and he doubled over in agony . "ASSHOLE" i dashed out of the room to find sam , i saw her in the a few rooms down in the kitchen , drunk making out with some guy louis . i slowly made my way towards her when harry came from the loo and bumped into me throwing me flat on my ass into a rug causing it to bunch up behind me ." OH MY LORD , ARE YOU ALRIGHT LOVE!?" he asked in a guilty worried voice " yea im fine.." i said . " Wow , second time on your bum tonight , new record ." he said chuckilng , " Actaually only once , first was on my face .. AND YOU SAW THAT!" He laughed and ignored the question and proceded to ask " Are you new ? ive never seen you around school" "No im just not lazy in my apperence tonight ... im charolette gomez " still pretty tipsy . " Really ! your in almost all my classes ! , and im glad your here , you look beautiful and i hope you remember i said that tomorrow because by the looks of it your very drunk , haha" he was sooo cute . " hey me and a few friends are hanging out in the backyard , wanna come?" was he still talking to me? sorry im lost in his perfect green eyes . snap out of it . remember , only pretty girls get pretty boys. i pulled out of my daze and said "sure" . he grabbed my hand and led me outside , eventually putting his arm around my waist preventing me from tipping over and wobbling too much . i sat down around a group of his friends and one yelled "LETS PLAY SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN" im guessing it was niall because he had a thick irish accent . harry volunteered to go first after liam and niall and zayn and three other girl fought over who went first . niall spun the bottle and my stomach did a summersault when it landed on me . " ok lad , 7 minutes starting now " niall said . harry thrusted me over his shoulder and ran me upstairs laughing . i couldnt help but scream . We got upstairs and he began to kiss up my neck . i stopped him from lifting my shirt "i dont know about this harry" he stopped and said "i understand .we sat and talked for about twenty minutes ignoring the  7 minute rule . " ill drive you home if you want ?" he said . completely oblivious to sam i said "ok" .

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