Charlotte , just a normal , teenage girl , unnoticed and unpopular , until she sneeks out to a party and runs into 9 month transfer harry , and he was the famous boy everyone wanted . Will he hurt her or stay faithful? while this is happening her friend is in a bit of a love triangle and a scndelous "affair" between her boyfriend louis and love interest niall horan . What will be to come in this crazy year of highschool .


3. Beginning of something ...

It was pitch black outside , and i had a hard time walking , i was talking it step by step when my heel decided to stick to the grass and tilted back about to fall on my back when i felt to strong arms grab me from behind and lift me up bridal style . i was completely mesmorized by his dimples and sweet smile when the sprinklers turned on . "AHH" he screamed . i felt his hand release from my back and legs and i began to fall . i landed stomch first on him with my bum on his chest hah . i layed there for a moment laughing hysterically as was he . i got up and put a hand out gesturing to help him up . He took my hand and a massive force gravitated toward my arm and i slid to the ground while he pushed up enough momentium to stand . "your quite small arent you " he said with a cheeky grin . " and you quite big!" i snapped . He laughed and opened the door gesturing me in the passenger seat . we were driving hme and i kept thinking dont fall for his smile or eyes or , anything . hes a player , a man whore . i was quite mean but i didnt have the strength to deal with a distraction whi will waste my time . im no good . " were do you live love "? pulling me out my thinking i said "adems avenues 1437 , wait were did you get those keys?" "uhm they were actually in the cup holder, by the way nice car " he chuckled . wow sam , smart . "So why havent we ever talked?" he said questiningly . "Well , im not actually popular , im just hiding in the shadows basically , thats probably why you never noticed the quiet , nerdy , and ugly girl in the corner" i said looking down with a sad smile . " i noticed.." he said , "what?" . "I noticed the naturally pretty , smart and cute girl in the corner .." i immedietly grinned like and idiot , the alchohal was govong ,me a migraine but i couldnt help but be happy . We continued to talk for a few minutes and pulled into my drive way . he ran over to my door and opened it smoothly and unbuckled me . i smiled " i can get out of a car on my own" i sassily said . i pulled of one of my long legs and took one step before flopping out of the car a taking one roll on my stomach . harry stood laughing while i layed there , with my face on the ground and in planking position . he quickly pulled me up "your a clumsy one arent ya ?" "quite" i whispered . he walked me to my door and opened it for me and without thinking i said "can you help me before bed?" "uh sure" he said smiling . we took one step inside and i heard a gasp . i laughed it off and led him upstairs to my room almost fumbling down if he hadnt caught me . we walked up to my room and i walked to the restroom where he followed . i asked him to help me undress and he did and i washed my face and rimsed my mouth because i coulnt find toothpaste . i walked out forgetting to put on the pajamas he brought me that i asked for , just wearing a v neck baggy tee shirt .



Harrys p.o.v 


We walked inside and i couldnt help but gasp at the size of her home . we were on our way upstairs but i couldnt help but stare at he bum .it actually wasnt big at all , but round . her peteite body fumbled backwards and i caught her by her waist and helped her to her room . I walked her to her restroom and she asked sweetly " harry please help me pull these pants off?" it was awkward but in a way cute , she was wearing victoria seceret lace underwear that said , " NO PEEKING" i laughed and walked to her room staring at her pictures on her walls.  she walked out in a pair of pantys and a tee shirt ... i couldnt help but stare , she was soo cute . and she just crawled under the sheets . "im gonna go now" i said as i made my way towards the light to turn it out . "you dont have to... its a far walk , stay here .. please?" a little voice said from across the room . " really ? , ok .. thanks " i said smiling . i pulled my pants off and took my place on the love seat . " you can sleep in my bed , harry " she said plainly . i walked over and peeled the covers down and crawled in .i could hear her snoring and i wrapped my arms around her waist bringing her nuzzled into my chest . something about this girl .. drove me absolutely crazy . i really like her and ive never met anyone like her . just her presence lightens the mood and makes me .. just happy . her eyes are beautiful and her long brown hair compliments her golden tan skin . Shes perfect , even without makeup . could this night have been any better . i cuddled up to her smelling the sweet smell of her hair , which smelt like watermelon .. weird but oddly really attractive . i just wrapped my arms around her little waist and enjoying this moment , i drifted off to sleep.




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