Charlotte , just a normal , teenage girl , unnoticed and unpopular , until she sneeks out to a party and runs into 9 month transfer harry , and he was the famous boy everyone wanted . Will he hurt her or stay faithful? while this is happening her friend is in a bit of a love triangle and a scndelous "affair" between her boyfriend louis and love interest niall horan . What will be to come in this crazy year of highschool .


14. Amusment

Charlotte  P.O.V


Today , I didnt give a shit about anything  .

I was walking down the crowded and stuffy hallways , but it seemed where ever i walked everyone stopped and make way , tthen stared at me with awe . Eventually , I made it to my locker , to find sam , which is were we met 





"Ughh why did i get a bottom locker !" I screamed , in annoynace .

' because your short " samantha said , amused .

I looked up at her and said "who do you think you are?" 

"the girl that got a top locker " laughing she put an arm around my shoulder , kicked my locker shut and led me to some random skater boy one locker down . " Hey , ughh--" 

" derick " he said looking down , seeming sad .

"ughh derick ? , can i make a deal with you ? " sam said , i wondered what she was doing but I think i already knew .

"umm what it is" derick said grinning with one of his eyebrows raised and the other lowered . 

" Ill make out with yo for 3 minutes , if you switch lockers with my buddy here , charlie " she knew my name!?! and she gave me a cute nickname ! I like this girl . First friend of highschool . check . 

" HAHAHA , oh my god , you dont have to do that , just ask politely , sure " derick said grinning . 

I moved back to go to my locker , bending down , ready to twist in my combo , when a foot with a combat boot kickes the corner and it pops open . " whoah , you have to teach me how to do that " i said jaw dropped and amused at how easy it looked . 

I slammed the locker shut , feeling like a badass , i took my foot and slammed it straight into the wrong side , the hinge side . I then screamed and three of my toes went numb and felt cold and wet . fuck . Derick and sam bent down and pulled of my sneaker and  , both looked disgusted , "holy crap , i think you broke your toes!" derick yelled . sam fell to the ground laughing until she eventually moved my stuff out of the locker for me . Me and derick and sam all exchanged numbers right then and there . Sam And derick wrapped my arms around their necks  " so does this mean were friends ?" i mumbled "DUH" Sam said and derick just laughed and carried me to the nurse where my dad eventually picked me up to go to the doctor . 




I remember so clearly , derick called me 'his badass' and 'charlie' is what everyone called me now . unless their mad . I wish derick was home but he was in Ireland for his fathers funeral . Poor derick . I walked up to my locker and heard a loud " HOT DAMN! WOMEN CRUSH WEDNSDAY!" i turned around laughing when she said " shit , finally lived up to your name" she said winking . "harrys gonna flip shit" Alls i could do was laugh because everything that came out of sams mouth was funny as hell .

We walked down the hallway when I felt a guy say to his friend " imagine fucking her" , I did he just say what i thought he just said? I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard a yell come from samanthas little body " DONT IMAGINE ANYTHING YOU FUCK HEADS! SHE WOULD SLEEP WITH YOU IN 1000 YEARS , SO DONT IMAGINE WHAT WONT HAPPEN , YOU SICK FANTASIZING WANKER!" She quickly grabbed my arm as we walked away follwed by people laughing at what just happened . 

Sam and I parted down a forked hallway "work it girl!" sam screamed from down the hall , as it echoed its way to me . I felt my palms sweating as i got to the door . The bell had just rung and I was stuck , nervous , to walk in and get even more stares and whistles . I quiclky opened the door and walked it , strutting like i was on a runway . Gasps , whistles and "aw she looks so pretty" came from across the room , out of my prerifreol vision i could see harry in the corner  was walking to , jaw dropped . I wasnt sure if he thought i looked bad or even knew who i was , because hes never looked at me like this before . I was making my way to my desk next to his in the corner when I felt a hand grab my bottom . The teacher was gone so I just pulled away and said stop . But he was persistent and pulled me by the waist and whispered " you look so ... sexy " I said stop again but before he could reach my but with his hand , Someone with a slow husky voice , yelled " She said stop!" and pulled his hand away almost with enough force to throw him because after he had pulled the boy off he flew on the ground . I turned to meet a pair of beautiful green eyes . Oh my god , It was harry! 


Ok guys heres the link to my polyvore if you want to see what she looks like

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