Riding The Wave

I'm your typical Malibu Barbie as some people call me. I live my life travelling around, and basically surfing. However, after my mom passes away surfing becomes difficult for me, the typical summer drama comes up, and I begin to feel lost within myself. I feel like I won't be able to live through this summer, until I finally let Harry get to me...


8. Part 8


I watched her go under try after try. I knew it was getting to her, she told me flat out that it was. I wanted to help her but I didn’t know how to. I noticed after the last time she went under, instead of coming back to where I was, she was going in, so I followed.

“Bethany!” I called after her. She glanced back and kept going without waiting. I finally caught up to her on the beach. It was only around 7:30 in the morning so it was still pretty empty. “Bethany…” I called after her again, out of breath.

“This isn’t fair!” She threw her surfboard down and started crying. She was throwing her fists at her house, leaving indents so I quickly grabbed her and pulled her away and close to my body. She struggled to get away from me, but I didn’t let her go. After a bit, she finally gave up and started sobbing into my arms. I felt the energy leave her body and she slumped into me.

After we stood there for awhile, I picked her up bridal style and carried her back to our house. The boys were all still asleep. I carried her up to my room and gave her warm clothes to wear. She graciously took them and changed in the bathroom. After she changed, I changed but when I got back out, I saw her sound asleep on my bed. I smiled and made my way down to the living room and fell asleep on the couch.

“Harry?” I shot of the couch and looked at the clock; noon. I looked up and saw all the boys staring at me.

“Yeah?” I grumbled.

“What are you doing out here, and what is Bethany doing in your bed?” Liam asked.

“That’s a long story. We’ve been hanging out since about six and we were both tired, so we came back to sleep.”

“Right…what’s the long story part?” Louis asked.

“The part that led us here.”

“Did you guys like…start sucking face?” Niall asked, half laughing at his own joke.

“No…in fact she was crying. I didn’t know how to get into her house so I just brought her here. I thought it seemed easier than shoving her through a window.”

“Yeah, probably.” Zayn said with a shrug. “It all makes sense. It would probably make more sense if we actually saw what happened but…whatever.”

“Hey guys.” We all turned to the sound of Bethany’s voice. Her hair was in a bun atop of her head, and she was still in my shorts and thin sweater. “I was just going to say thanks for letting me crash here for a bit and I’ll be on my way. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“You didn’t! Why don’t you stay for awhile?!” Niall suggested.

“Really? You guys wouldn’t mind? I mean…I feel like I’ve over-stayed my welcome.”

“You couldn’t ever do that.” Liam said sweetly, pulling Bethany over to us. “So what here is fun to do besides surfing since we don’t know how to do that?” Bethany started to tear up again and I shot off the couch and pulled Bethany to me, letting her cry into me for the second time today.

“Good going Liam!” Louis said sassily.

“I don’t know what I said!” Liam said defensively.

“The reason she’s crying is because she can’t seem to surf anymore.” I demanded, making them all shut up. They all nodded in understanding and shut up about it.

After I got Bethany calmed down again, we all decided to go out for lunch. We went to an outdoor café that was on the boardwalk, but it was totally over the ocean. We walked in, ordered some coffee, and sat down in the back corner by a window.

“This place is pretty cool.” Zayn said, looking out of the window.

“Sometimes you can see dolphins from here…” Bethany whispered.

“Do they have dolphin watches?!” Niall asked, acting like a child. Bethany half smiled and shook her head.

“Not around here, no. You have to drive a couple hours to get to them.” While all the other boys asked Bethany about Malibu, I just listened. Watching the way she smiled when she talked about her hometown was almost something you never see in someone. Normally they talk about how much they hate where they live, but she loved Malibu and you could tell she loved being here and talking about it.

“Can you tell me about where you’ve travelled?” I asked when we fell into a silence. Bethany began to smile even more before nodding.

“I’ve been to South Africa; that was when I was chasing the swell. I’ve been to New Zealand, Australia, North and South Carolina, the Jersey Shore, Miami…those were all places just for surfing though.”

“Which place has the best surfing?”

“South Africa; J-Bay.”

“J-Bay?” I asked, confused.

“Jeffery’s Bay; my mom had a journal she made when she was growing up of all these places going down the South coast of Africa…and we went to Africa together to chase the swell a couple years ago. That was probably the best experience of my life.”

“That sounds cool.” Liam said.

“It really was…I would go again in a heartbeat if I could.” She started to tear up again just thinking about it. I knew she was going to be like this for awhile, but it was more of a reason for me to be around her. I wanted to make sure she was okay, and if that meant being there for her through her worst days, I would do it.



After we finished our coffee, the boys headed back to hang out with Grant, Toby, Jay, and Mac, but Harry stayed with me. We went to the edge of the boardwalk and watched the wave’s crash up against the pillars, and watched the sun move across the sky.

“You know, I’m going to be here through it all.” Harry whispered to me. I looked up at him and smiled.

“You’re a great guy, Harry. I’m really happy Grant introduced me to you.”

“I’m glad he introduced me to you too.” I smiled and leaned my head on his shoulder, making him lean his head on mine as we continued to watch the sky.

“Look how beautiful the sunset is…” I whispered. Harry opened his eyes and watched as the sun went down.

“LOOK!” We heard someone yell from off shore. We looked where they were pointing and there were dolphins only a few feet from us. I climbed up on the edge and opened my arms up, letting the wind carry my hair.

“What are you doing…?” Harry asked me slowly. Thirty seconds later, my hands went above my head and I dove into the middle of the dolphins. Harry staggered up to the edge and dove in after me, hoping I was okay.

When Harry came up, I was sitting there laughing, petting, and holding the dolphins. What he didn’t know was these dolphins, as weird as it sounds, they were a part of my family.



“Aren’t they just beautiful?” Bethany whispered as she leaned down to kiss one.

“Yes…they are.” I whispered, mesmerized by how much they loved her. Almost every dolphin was by her and they were also pushing me closer to her.

“My mom would always bring Jake and me out here when we were little. She would put us in life-jackets and whenever there were dolphins around this area, we would dive in to pet them. At the beginning they would swim away but as they got more and more used to us, they stay and bring more. These are the same dolphins, plus some since when I was a child.”

“Wow…” I was shocked at how much Bethany did with her mom and how well they got along since my mom and me were nothing like that. “You really loved her, didn’t you?” I asked after awhile. Bethany nodded and kissed the last dolphin, and pointing out to the ocean, signaling the dolphins off.

“I did…” Bethany said as she watched the dolphins swim off into the ocean. I looked at her as we attempted to stay afloat.

“We should get out of here…our clothes are soaked and I feel seaweed on me.” Bethany giggled slightly and started swimming back to shore with me behind her.

When we got back to shore Bethany walked me back to my place before she walked back to her place. I gave her a wet hug goodbye before she left though. I sighed as I got up to my room to change into more dry clothes for the second time today. Who would’ve thought someone so different from me could be so much alike me in weird ways…  

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