Riding The Wave

I'm your typical Malibu Barbie as some people call me. I live my life travelling around, and basically surfing. However, after my mom passes away surfing becomes difficult for me, the typical summer drama comes up, and I begin to feel lost within myself. I feel like I won't be able to live through this summer, until I finally let Harry get to me...


7. Part 7

The day of our flight to New York, Jake and I were both silent. Mel and Grant had joined us since they knew my mom as a second mother. We were all silent, not sure what to say. This came as a big shock to all of us, even my father.

“Are you okay, Beth?” Grant whispered to me after the plane took off.

“Please just…leave me be…” I whispered as tears pricked my eyes. Grant reached over and grabbed my hand, and I let him. I normally wouldn’t, but knowing someone was there for me helped me. I rested my head on his shoulder as tears slipped down my cheeks. I closed my eyes and fell asleep for the rest of the plane ride.

When we landed, my dad was waiting for us with a limo at the airport. We all crawled in with our luggage and went back to the hotel with him. Today was our “down day”, tomorrow was the wake, and the day after was the funeral. After that we were flying back home…without my dad. He had to stay in New York for business.

The whole down day, I spent crying either into Mel, or Grant. Jake had gone with my dad to work on plans for the last minute wake and funeral. Everyone who knew mom was flying out to see this. You would think that was crazy if you didn’t know my mom. My mom…she was probably the best person you could ever meet. She was nice; she was caring, fun-loving…care-free. She was an inspiration to people; she had the persona about her that made you want to be a better person- she made you want to be a better person. She’s the reason I’m as good of a surfer as I am today. She was my mom and my best friend. I was never afraid to go to her for something. She was the person you would hate to disappoint, and when you did you felt so bad about yourself you knew never to do what you did again. My mom was the person everyone strives to be… including me.

“Are you ready?” Mel whispered to me on the day of the wake. I nodded as tears pricked my eyes. I wasn’t able to keep the tears from flowing at all. I had no control over them in the slightest.

“Yeah…as ready as I’ll ever be.” I whispered. I wiped the tears away and walked down to the limo waiting for us at the door to bring us to the funeral home.

When we got there, there were already people waiting to come in to see my mother; a whole crowd actually. This brought tears to my eyes again.

For the next ten hours, I stood there talking to people who knew my mother. There were people coming and going non-stop. Hearing the stories of how my mom changed so many people’s lives made me cry even more. I knew she meant a lot to me, but to all these people who I met today who told me what she had done for them made me cry even more. My mom…she’s my hero.

The funeral went by even slower. I wanted to die the whole time. When it was over, we were brought straight to the airport and flown home. The whole plane ride back to Malibu and the whole car ride back to our house…it made me cry. My mom loved California more than I do. This was where she was born and raised…this place was going to kill me just from looking at it.

The next day, I was sitting on the beach with my surfboard next to me. Since I found out about my mother’s death, I hadn’t touched a surfboard or even gone near the water.

“Hey, are you alright?” I looked up through my tear filled eyes and saw Harry.

“No.” Harry sat down next to me and stayed silent. He didn’t touch me, he didn’t look at me, and he just sat next to me. I barely knew this boy, yet he was sitting here, just…being here for me so I wasn’t by myself. “Not to be rude but…why are you here?”

“In America or with you?”

“With me…”

“You looked alone; I didn’t want you to be alone.” This caused a few tears to fall. In a weird way, he was a male version of my mom.

“Do…do you want to come surf with me?” I finally asked.

“I can’t surf, but I will defiantly go out there and float around while you surf.”

“I would like that…” I whispered. Harry nodded and we walked to my garage to get him a spare surfboard. Afterwards, we walked into the water together. It was only six in the morning so no one was really out. I was surprised even he was up at this time.

We paddled out to the surf and he sat on the surfboard and watched as the waves came and went. I was waiting for the perfect wave, hoping this would help me get my mind off my mom. When the perfect wave finally came, I pushed myself off and started my ride. However, as soon I stood up, I lost my footing and went plummeting into the water. I didn’t panic, but I was frustrated as  I made my way back up.

“Are you alright?” Harry asked once I reached where he was again.

“No.” I was getting a little annoyed. What didn’t help was that the next dozen or so times I tried to ride a wave, I fell. This was when it clicked in my head; I couldn’t surf anymore…I was no longer capable of riding the waves.  

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