Riding The Wave

I'm your typical Malibu Barbie as some people call me. I live my life travelling around, and basically surfing. However, after my mom passes away surfing becomes difficult for me, the typical summer drama comes up, and I begin to feel lost within myself. I feel like I won't be able to live through this summer, until I finally let Harry get to me...


25. Part 25

~~The next morning, Jake and I were working on my discharge papers while Harry was getting all my stuff from the nurses from the patient locker room. The hospital had also given us a list of therapists I could see. Knowing I had to go through with this, was killing me since I really didn’t want to do it…but I knew if I went back on it, right back to the hospital I would go.
“Are you feeling any better?” Harry asked, walking in with my stuff.
“Yeah; a lot better actually.”
“Good; because we have a surprise for you!” Jake said happily. I looked back and forth between the two of them, a little worried for myself.
“What are you talking about…is that why you two have been smiling weirdly all morning?”
“Oh stop…I think you’ll like it!” Jake announced, Harry nodding with him. They seemed excited about whatever this surprise was but I honestly had a bad feeling about it.
After we finished the papers and I got discharged, we talked to the parking lot and Grant was there with his car.
“Hey lady…how are you feeling?”
“What the hell are you doing here?!” I demanded angrily.
“Well, Jake was with you in the ambulance so you didn’t have a car here so I offered to come pick you guys up…” Grant said slowly.
“Whatever. Just bring me the fuck home.” I declared, getting in the front seat, pissed as hell. I get discharged from the hospital and he is the first person I see? No…I just wanted to spend my day cuddling with Harry on the beach and watch the water and sun in the sky.
The whole ride home, I heard Jake and Harry whispering to each other in the back and they sounded a little worried, which made me feel like what I was about to walk into wasn’t going to be good. This is why I hate surprises…I normally end up hating them completely.
When we got home, Harry opened the door for me and helped me out. I thanked him and kissed his softly before we made our way inside. Grant got out with us and followed us in, which didn’t make my sick feeling about this go away.
“SURPRISE!” Everyone yelled when I walked inside. I stood there glaring at all of them, pretty pissed off about all of this.
“All of you go the fuck home.” I demanded.
“Bethany…” Mel said, walking towards me. She reached for my shoulder and I pushed her off me.
“What the hell makes you think we’re fucking friends? Please tell me one good reason why I should still be friends with any of you? You all fucking left. You were there the first time when it was an accident, only half of you were there after the second time, and this time I only had Harry and Jake…you can all fuck yourself.
“What happened the second time?” Crystal asked.
“Bethany…” I heard Harry say from behind me.
“DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS?!” I screamed in his face.
“Yeah…they asked if they could do it as like an apology and welcome home party.” Jake whispered.
“Leave…just, both of you leave…don’t talk to me.” I said, shaking my head as I turned around and walked back upstairs to my room.

Harry and I watched as she walked upstairs to her room. I felt like I wanted to cry. I should’ve known that she wouldn’t like it but I knew they were trying to do something nice.
“Is that true…what she said about her cousin?” Harry whispered.
“Yeah…” I said sadly. Harry nodded and went up the stairs towards her room. But I noticed a door didn’t open and there was no knock. I glanced towards the stairs and saw him just sitting outside of her room listening to her cry. I turned around and made my way to the garage to get my surfboard. I knew this was something Bethany would go to her mom for…and she couldn’t, and I knew I couldn’t help her…I only fucked the situation up more and I felt like an ass for it.

I sat outside of Bethany’s room for a couple hours, just waiting for the right time to knock on her door since I know she was still really angry. After all the sobs stopped I knocked lightly on the door and just hear a faint “come in” from her. I opened the door slowly and Bethany was in a ball on her bed, covered in her blankets. I walked over and curled up next to her, pulling her close to me.
“All I wanted to do was spend the day with you like this…I didn’t want anyone else here…” She whimpered into my chest as she rolled over onto me, clinging to me.
“I’m sorry baby…I just wanted you to be happy and I thought your friends would make you happy.”
“I just want you...if they were my real friends they wouldn’t have left me.”
“Baby, I’m here now.”
“I have a feeling you never actually left and you just stayed here.” She whispered. I laughed lightly and smiled a little bit.
“Yeah, I sat right outside your room in case I had to break in for some ungodly reason.”
“Like what kind of reason?” By the way she said it, I knew she was waiting for me to fuck up so I thought quickly.
“I don’t know…in case you fell asleep and fell off the bed.” I said. I heard her giggle into my side, which meant I answered the question correctly. I looked down at her and pushed the hair out of her face. She looked up at me with glazed over eyes as she bit down on her lip. “Bethany…” I whispered, knowing where this was going; somewhere I haven’t gone with her yet.
“Please just kiss me…” She whispered as she moved her lips closer to mine. I tried to fight it knowing she just got out of the hospital but as soon as her lips touched mine, I lost it. Just by how she looked at me for not even a minute, killed me.
She rolled over, on top of me and kept kissing me passionately as I ran my fingers through her hair then down her back, to her waist and grabbed her hips gently. She moved her lips off mine and started kissing down my neck, slightly sucking and nibbling on my neck, making me squirm a little underneath her.
“Bethany…” I whispered, trying to find it in me to tell her we shouldn’t do this after she just got out of the hospital but before I could even get that out of my mouth, she started kissing my lips again, making me lose all train of thought again. I felt her tugging at the bottom of my shirt so I sat up slightly as she slid it off of me. I slowly rolled her over at this point so I was above her.
“Harry…” She whimpered trying to roll me back over.
“No baby…I don’t want you to do too much. You just got out of the hospital. Let me…” She nodded slightly and smiled a little. I slowly slid her shirt over her head, trying not to hurt her arms since the stitches were all still there. After I got her shirt off I started kissing down her neck, to her collarbone where she started squirming a little more. I smiled to myself knowing I had found one of her spots. A soft moan escaped from her lips as I slowly slide my hand down to the waist band of her leggings. I detached my lips from her and slowly started pulling her leggings off of her legs, watching her squirm as I kissed down her legs as I did so. I pulled her leggings off her legs and she reached to unbutton my jeans and slowly slid them off me. I kicked them to the floor and kissed her lips softly before I slowly started making my way down her body. I started kissing her side where she started to squirm all over again and little moans let loose from her lips, telling me I had found another one of her spots. I smiled to myself as I slid a couple of my fingers in between her legs. She suddenly gasped, reaching for my hair and running her fingers through it and pulling it on occasion.
“Harrry…” She half whimpered, half moaned. I smiled to myself as I felt her let herself go on my fingers and watched her body relax as I pulled my fingers out of her. I licked my fingers clean and she bit her lip as she watched, driving me a little more crazy. “Baby, please…” Bethany quietly begged to me.
“Babe, I’m not done.” She bit her lip and I just smiled at her and kissed her lips softly. I slowly started kissing back down her body and went done on her, making her squirm beneath me. Feeling her body move beneath me made me move my hands to her hips and hold her down, making her body try and fight me as I held her down, making her whimper and moan more, turning me on more. She was back to pulling on my hair making me only want to do better. When she came undone under me again, I couldn’t help but sigh and smile knowing I was doing well.
“Harry…” She whimpered again.
“Yes baby?” I said as I kissed back up her body. When I reached her lips she pulled me down, bringing our lips back together. “Babe…” I said, a little surprised she kissed me after what I did.
“What?” She said, pulling away and looking at me with her gold and slightly purple eyes. My eyebrows raised, since I knew she had blue eyes with a gold tint.
“You kissed me…”
“I don’t care.” She whimpered again, bringing my lips down to hers again.
“Babe…” I said, pulling away again.
“What baby?” She whispered, looking me in the eyes again. I tried to form words but the color of her eyes captivated me.
“Your eyes…” I finally managed to whisper. She smiled at me sweetly and bit her lip.
“They changed to gold and purple…”
“That happens when someone I love makes me feel like this…” She whispered, trying to kiss me again.
“They’re beautiful…I’ve never seen something like that before.”
“It’s rare…baby please just kiss me…” She begged.
“Baby, slow down.” She set her head back down and looked me in the eyes. Her eyes looked like they were begging for me, longing for me…I’ve never felt so wanted in my life. “Baby, I love you…” I whispered to her as my eyes searched hers.
“Harry…” She whispered, looking scared now.
“Baby, why are you scared…?” I got a little frightened, like I had pushed a boundary.
“Harry, I think…”
“Harry, I’m in love with you…” She whispered as tears came to her eyes. Instead of saying anything I put my forehead to hers and brought my one hand that wasn’t holding me off her slightly and put it against her cheek. “Please say something.” She begged as a tear slipped down her cheek.
“I’ve been in love with you for a long time now, Bethany.” She whimpered as more tears fell from her beautiful eyes. “Why are you crying?”
“Because I don’t want you to leave after the summer is over…”
“Don’t think about that…think about the moment right now…think about this, think about how we both are in love with each other, how we’re crazy about each other, how we have fought through the past month and a half to be together, and how we have this moment…” I said again. A small smile spread across her lips and I leaned down and started kissing her again and I slid her panties off of her body, and then my boxers. I reached behind her and snapped her bra off her and we both managed to slide it off her body. She reached her arm around my neck and held me to her as I fumbled around, getting nervous at this point. I wanted this probably as bad as she did but doing this with someone who I cared about with all my heart actually made me nervous.
I felt Bethany’s hand slide down and help me slide into her with ease. We both gasped at the sensation and paused, taking it in. We both opened our eyes and stared at each other before I slowly started to move back and forth. I kept my pace slow and steady, wanting to take in every second of this moment, scared it would pass too quickly.
We kept going for a pretty long time as I kissed around her neck and collar bones, hearing her whimper under me. Once and awhile we would kiss each other like our lives depended on it, which at this point, I think our lives did depend on it. When she started to shake and quiver beneath me, I knew we were both getting close. Our breaths hitched in our throats and she was letting out soft moans into my ear, making me want to let go sooner than I should. I wanted to wait for her; I wanted it to be perfect.
“Let me know when you’re ready baby…” I whispered to her. She nodded, unable to form words. Soon after, her back began to arch and she nodded, trying to open her eyes as if to say she was ready and I pressed my lips to hers, telling her I was ready and we both let it go. I collapsed on her body, both of us breathing heavily. 
“That was perfect.” She managed to breathe out. She sounded tired as anything so I slowly rolled off her and kissed her cheek.
“It was perfect.” I said, agreeing with her. She rolled into me, still naked and started to doze off. I reached over and pulled the blankets back up to us and covered us both us with the blankets as I held her close to me, letting her sleep.

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