Riding The Wave

I'm your typical Malibu Barbie as some people call me. I live my life travelling around, and basically surfing. However, after my mom passes away surfing becomes difficult for me, the typical summer drama comes up, and I begin to feel lost within myself. I feel like I won't be able to live through this summer, until I finally let Harry get to me...


16. Part 16

“Thanks for inviting me over tonight.” Harry whispered into my ear as we walked the boardwalk later that night.

“Of course; I think you actually put my dad in a good mood too which is really hard to do for anybody.”

“I liked him.” I smiled and leaned my head into him.


“Yeah babe?” I sighed and looked out at the ocean as we reached the edge of the boardwalk.

“What’s going to happen to us when you go back to England?”

“I guess…I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m not going to end it when the summer is over.” Harry whispered into my hair. I sighed as the wind carried his smell into my nose. “I care for you too much to do that.” I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him into a tight hug. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, closing any gap there was between us.

“You’re perfect.” I whispered.

“You’re probably the most perfect person I know…”

“I’m not perfect.” I whispered into his chest.

“You’re flaws make you perfect to me and there is no way you can convince me otherwise.” I felt tears prick my eyes, finally realizing how I felt about Harry.


“I love you.” He whispered before I could say it.

“I love you.” I said back. I felt him kiss the top of my head and I felt a few tears run down my cheeks. So this…this is what love feels like; like I could take on the world or do anything I ever dreamed. I felt like I could do anything and everything yet at the same time I felt so weak and vulnerable. Yet, I loved the feeling more than anything in the world; this was the best feeling in the world.

Once it was around two in the morning, Harry walked me home and kissed me goodnight. I watched him until I couldn’t see him anymore than I made my way inside. I closed the door behind me and my back hit against it. I slid down and sat down on the floor.

“You like him a lot, don’t you?” I saw my dad step into the light and sit down next to me.

“I love him…”

“Love is a strong word…”

“I know daddy…”

“And what’s going to happen when he goes back home?”

“We don’t know yet…”

“You know if I have the money, I’ll send you to him but I can’t do everything.”

“I know daddy; I wasn’t going to ask you to.”

“You’re a strong girl…I’m sure you two will figure it out.”

“I know we will too.”

“I know at this point I couldn’t tell you not to see him anymore but…for the record, I like him too.”

“Thank you daddy.” I kissed his cheek and leaned my head on his shoulder.

“Goodnight princess.”

“Goodnight.” My dad got up and made his way back upstairs while I stayed on the floor a little while longer. After a few minutes though, I got up, made my way to my room, got ready for bed, and went to bed. 

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