Riding The Wave

I'm your typical Malibu Barbie as some people call me. I live my life travelling around, and basically surfing. However, after my mom passes away surfing becomes difficult for me, the typical summer drama comes up, and I begin to feel lost within myself. I feel like I won't be able to live through this summer, until I finally let Harry get to me...


12. Part 12

“Good morning…” I heard Harry whisper in my ear. I moaned, not wanting to wake up yet. I felt him plant small, wet kisses all over my face and neck, making me wake up even more.

“Why do you have to be like this…” I mumbled, making Harry laugh.

“Because you need to wake up.” I moaned again and rolled over so I was facing him. He had insane bed head, but he still looked good.” I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair, pulling his head down to me so I could cuddle up to him.

“No I don’t.” I whispered, falling back asleep in his arms.

“Yes you do; we have things to do.” Harry practically shouted in my ear, making me groan.

“I’m pretty sure we don’t…”

“We do; we’re going surfing today.” This got my attention and I snapped awake.

“I can’t…I don’t know how.” I whispered, making Harry come bck down next to me. He kissed my lips slowly and hard, making me want more.

“Can you try, for me?” I groaned and looked up at Harry which was probably the worst thing I could’ve done. He was giving me puppy dog eyes with a slight pout.

“Ugh, fine…” I said, rolling out of bed with Harry behind me. We got dressed and walked to my house to grab surfboards. Once we got the surfboards, we made our way to the ocean. Watching it made me nervous since I hadn’t been able to surf a single wave in so long.

We ran in and paddled out past the breaking point. We sat down on our boards and watched as waves passed us by.

“Are you going to pick one?” Harry asked me.

“Most likely not…” I whispered. Harry shrugged and lay back on his board. “What are you doing?”

“Hey, I got you out into the water…I’m not forcing you to actually surf.” I paddled over to Harry and lay down next to him.

“Are you going to be mad at me if I don’t surf today?” Harry looked over at me and shook his head.

“No, why would I be mad?”

“I don’t know…I feel like you would be…” Harry smiled and shook his head.

“I know you’ll surf when you’re ready to surf. I can’t force you to do so. I believe you know what’s best for you.” I smiled and kissed Harry’s cheek.

“You’re the best.” I whispered. Harry smiled over at me before going back to resting on the board.

“So are you.” I giggled and attached our boards so we wouldn’t float away from each other. I wouldn’t want to float away from Harry. He is one of the best things to ever happen to me.



I woke up the next morning with Mel staring into my eyes. I must’ve jumped fifty feet and shook my head and ran my fingers through my hair.

“Good morning.” Mel said with a smile on her face.

“Good morning…” I said back, sleep coating my voice.

“What happened last night?”

“Oh…we were playing truth or dare and you admitted you liked me, we made out, and we ended up back here.” I said, not feeling like coming up with any story.

“Ohh…” Mel nodded and looked around before nailing me with another kiss. I kissed her back but pulled away after a few seconds.

“I need to use the bathroom.” I got up and walked out of my bedroom, leaving Mel…not that I really cared.



For the rest for the afternoon, Harry and I spent our time out in the ocean. We tanned on our boards, or jumped into the ocean to cool off. It was a day well spent if you ask me.

“Are you hungry?” Harry asked me. I nodded and we made our way back to shore. When we got to shore, we dried off, I put on shorts, and we walked back to my house to drop the boards off. After we dropped them off, we back our way to Sally’s bar and grill for lunch.

When we got there, we saw everybody there. Mel was sitting on Grants lap and they were acting like that sickening couple that almost seemed fake.

“HEY GUYS, OVER HERE!” Mel yelled, calling us over. We made our way over and pulled up two seats next to each other. “Where were you two all day?”

“We were out in the ocean.” I whispered.

“WERE YOU SURFING?!” Mel yelled.

“No.” I whispered, looking over at Harry. He grabbed my hand under the table and squeezed my hand, making m smile.

“Ugh, you two are so cute it makes me sick!”

“Thanks Mel…” I said, half smiling. We ate lunch with everyone then we all got ready to go to the fireworks show that evening. I was wearing a sweater and shorts and I stole on of Harry’s beanies to wear.

“So where do we watch the fireworks?” Niall asked as we made our way back to my house.

“On my roof.” I said, smiling.

“Wait…really?” Liam asked. I smiled and nodded, leading everyone into my house. I led them to the office and pulled open the window that led out onto the roof. We all climbed through and settled on the roof. Grant had brought drinks and Jake had brought us blankets and snacks.

“Alright, I’m going to a party tonight so stay out of trouble, alright?” Jake called out to us.

“OKAY!” We all called back, making him laugh.

“See you guys later.” Jake left the window open and left. I settled back into Harry’s arms as we waited for the fireworks show to begin. 

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