Riding The Wave

I'm your typical Malibu Barbie as some people call me. I live my life travelling around, and basically surfing. However, after my mom passes away surfing becomes difficult for me, the typical summer drama comes up, and I begin to feel lost within myself. I feel like I won't be able to live through this summer, until I finally let Harry get to me...


10. Part 10

At seven, I was in the back room changing out of my work clothes. I changed into my white fringe bathing suit top, a green sweater, and jean shorts. I checked out, grabbed my flip flops and walked out to find Harry walking towards me. I tried to hold myself back from running to him, but I couldn’t do it. I took off running towards him and when I reached him, I threw my arms around him.

“Woah…nice to see you too.” I laughed, blushed, and pulled myself off of him.

“Sorry.” I said, looking down.

“No, it’s fine.” I couldn’t help but smile at how sweet his British accent sounded. “So, shall we start our walk?” I nodded as we made our way back to the beach. The sun had already started setting, but it was still hot and beautiful out.

“You look nice, by the way.” I said, poking his side. Harry smiled at me and nodded.

“As do you.” I blush, realizing I was pretty much in only a bathing suit while he was, for the most part, fully dressed. He was in khaki shorts and he had a red plaid shirt on that wasn’t buttoned plus his sandals. “So how was work?”

“Work was…long but it kept me busy and kept my mind off my mom.”

“I have a question for you; you can choose whether or not you want to answer it though.”

“What is it?”

“Do you think your mom would want you to stop surfing just because she passed away?” I went quiet, knowing the answer to that question without having to think about it.

“No…” I whispered.

“So…here’s another question- again, no pressure on answering it; why did you stop?”

“Because I can’t anymore…”

“I don’t believe that. I just think you were angry at the time and couldn’t focus.”

“I really can’t though. My mom…she was…she was everything to me. She was the main reason I started surfing. When I surf I always feel like I’m with her. But now that she’s fully gone, I can’t feel her when I enter the ocean. The ocean was our way to communicate with each other.”

“This is even more of a reason to surf.”


“You feel like you’re with her when you surf, so…now that she’s gone you should feel more with her.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore…” I whispered. I felt Harry reach for my hand, intertwining out fingers.

“I won’t force you too. What do you want to talk about?” I looked up at Harry and gave him a weak smile, which he returned with a big, cheeky smile, making my smile grow even more.

“I want to know more about you.” Harry laughed heartily and nodded.

“Okay…let’s see…” For the next hour or so, Harry and I talked about ourselves; our pasts, likes, dislikes, all that typical shit. Around ten though, we reached my house. “Okay, so here’s the very important question of the night…”

“What’s that?” I asked slowly.

“Grant’s having a party tonight; will you go with me?”

“As your date?” I asked, smirking.

“I was thinking more of…as my girlfriend?” I started blushing and nodded.

“I would love to.” Harry smiled and pulled me into a tight hug.

“Shall we then?” Harry said in a fake American accent.

“I think we shall, but…I’d prefer the British accent.” Harry started laughing as we made our way down the beach to Grant’s place for his bonfire party.

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