As we walk.

2 years ago, Layla and Niall, the cutest couple EVER, experienced something that will change everyones lives. These 2 died in a terrible house fire. But, they didn't die completely. They still look over their families as ghosts. They also have 1 small girl, who died before them, showing them where to go. Tell them how to live their second life. How will the families react? How will the family bare with them? Find out in 'As we walk.'


2. The fire. Niall POV

It was around 2 Am when I smelt something burning. Was it the neighbors? Was it just a dream? I decided to close my eyes for a while. Thats when I heard the smoke alarm going off. I knew it was bad. "Layla, babe! Wake up!" I shook her whole body. "She got up fast. "Babe what-whats that smell?!" She said getting up and throwing some slippers on. "I think the house is on fire babe," I said grabbing her whole body and holding it against mine. "Don't just stand here!

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