As we walk.

2 years ago, Layla and Niall, the cutest couple EVER, experienced something that will change everyones lives. These 2 died in a terrible house fire. But, they didn't die completely. They still look over their families as ghosts. They also have 1 small girl, who died before them, showing them where to go. Tell them how to live their second life. How will the families react? How will the family bare with them? Find out in 'As we walk.'


1. Day/Night before everything.Layla & Niall Pov

Sleeping soundly in my bed with my wonderful boyfriend, Niall Horan. He was like what every woman would dream of. Smart, funny, and very talented. I loved him to pieces. I was having the best dream of my life. Me and Niall get married, have kids, and grow old together. I know I sound greedy, but I want him to propose to me. We have been together for 2 years already. Its not like I just met him. Can I tell you something? Of course I can, Im thinking. I already slept with Niall. So, I might be pregnant. I never wanted to check though. Im just to scared. And besides, Im only 18. Oh hi, my name is Layla. Duh. Why am I talking to myself?! Shouldn't I be sleeping and continuing my wonderful dream? Eh, who cares. That dream will become reality one day. I hope. I never wanted anyone else but him. He is everything I ever wanted in a guy. Like I said in the first place. I decided to just wake up for awhile, then go back to sleep. I slowly open my eyes and try to see the alarm clock on Niall's side. I try not to wake him. He has the alarm clock on his side, so I don't have to bother with it. Sigh, I love him. The time is 11:43. 7 more hours Layla, I tell myself. Im thirsty. I want water. But I don't want to wake Niall. He's legs are intertwined with mine under the blankets. If I get up, they will move his, ruining his peaceful sleep. I turn my head around slowly, trying not to move the bed so much. I look at his peaceful sleeping face. His eyelashes are slowly falling on his face, his hair is messy, and he sleeps with his mouth open a little. Adorable. He's my little snowflake. I stare at him for about 4 minutes straight. I kiss his lips softly and turn around, staring at the ceiling. Im so bored. And I want water. I try to get up. Niall starts moving. Damn, I woke him. "Babe? You alright?" He says slowly opening his eyes. He sits up,shirtless. "Yeah babe, Im fine. Just wanna get some water." I said moving the blanket. "Let me get that for you." He said getting up and walking out. "No babe! Its fine!" I say walking out of the room. I see him walking to the kitchen,grabbing a cup. "Babe, you gave me you. Thats all I could ask for. At least let me get you some water." He said running the cold kitchen water. I feel my cheeks blushing and I go up to him and hold his waist. "You know I love you right?" I say looking at him. "Who doesn't love me?" He says kissing the top of my forehead. I roll my eyes at his goofiness, and take the water from him. I sit on the couch. He sits next to me. I start sipping on the cold ice water, and he plays with my brown hair, that was once blonde. "Your lovely Layla. Your everything to me." He says looking into my eyes. Niall's eyes are a brighter blue then mine, which is a light gray. My mother told me they were blue, but I personally think they are gray. I smile at him and place the cup of water, on the table next to me. I scoot closer to him, and rub his chest. "Whoa there, Layla." He says looking at me. "You know I love playing with your chest!" I say looking at him. I wink at him and he starts playing with my legs. "We should stay up from now until tomorrow night." He said rubbing my legs. "Anything for you." I say looking at his face. Too bad for me, because I fell asleep right after. Oh well. Now I can get back to my wonderful dream. I guess.

Niall POV

"Good night babe." I mumbled to her as she started to fall asleep. I carried her up to the bed. I loved this chick. She was my everything. The one I wanted to marry. I met her about 7 years ago. Best 7 years ever. I decided I was hungry so I went back downstairs and made some soup on the stove. I ate the soup and went back to bed. I slept next to my lovely girl, Layla. 

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