Meeting the New Kid

Mary-kate is a teenager in 10th grade who is bullied and insecure. When a "new kid" comes to Mary-kate's school and starts to become friends with her, what will happen when her neighbor confesses his love for her, but the "new kid" likes her to? Does she choose her neighbor who has been friends with her since kindergarten? Or does she choose the "new kid" who she hasn't even known for a year? Will she choose her neighbor or the "new kid", or maybe she likes someone else, what will happen?

Niall is sent back to school undercover by management. Will he fall for Mary-kate? But what happens when the boys meet her and Harry falls for her too. Will One Direction be torn apart because of their liking of Mary-kate? What limit are the boys willing to go to get Mary-kate to be theirs? When she disappears, what will happen to thoes who like/ love her?


20. Mary-Kate's POV: Party It Up

Chapter 20~Party it Up

Mary-kate's POV:


Oh my gosh, I can't believe I agreed to this. I'm actually going to a party. I just couldn't say no to Kaden. Especially after everything he's done for me over the years. I was pacing my room trying to find the perfect outfit for tonight. after an hour and a half i finally decided that I was going to wear a purple tank top and blue faded American Eagle ripped jeans. And I was working on my homework when, Kaden came to pick me up in his pick up truck. I climbed in and sighed dramatically. He rolled his eyes, and started the engine. "So, the actual Mary-kate is going to a party!" He exclaimed sarcastically. "Shut up, your the reason I'm going I replied. And, I could have sworn that a small smile appeared on his lips. When we got to Brandon's house, I could feel my heart start to race, trying to beat right out of my chest. There was a lot of cars outside. It looked like the entire school was here. Great. We had to park across the street farther away because of all of the cars. I could already hear the pumping music, and the thudding bass. It was literally shaking the house. We walked up to the front porch, and decided to just walk in. It's not like they would hear us knock on the door, or ring the doorbell. I think we walked into the biggest party of the year for our school. And of course, I could see drinks being passed around, and some people that looked highly intoxicated. Some guy that smelled highly of beer stumbled into me. "Hey, have you seen savannah?" He asked me. I shook my head. "Why does everyone say that?!" He sobbed and ran away. Well, tonight will be interesting.......

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