Meeting the New Kid

Mary-kate is a teenager in 10th grade who is bullied and insecure. When a "new kid" comes to Mary-kate's school and starts to become friends with her, what will happen when her neighbor confesses his love for her, but the "new kid" likes her to? Does she choose her neighbor who has been friends with her since kindergarten? Or does she choose the "new kid" who she hasn't even known for a year? Will she choose her neighbor or the "new kid", or maybe she likes someone else, what will happen?

Niall is sent back to school undercover by management. Will he fall for Mary-kate? But what happens when the boys meet her and Harry falls for her too. Will One Direction be torn apart because of their liking of Mary-kate? What limit are the boys willing to go to get Mary-kate to be theirs? When she disappears, what will happen to thoes who like/ love her?


9. Mary-kate's POV: "Heart Beat"

Chapter 9~"Heart Beat"

Mary-kate's POV:


So, I start singing my song called "Heart Beat".
Heart Beat
(Written By: 143Niall)
My heart skips a beat when I see you
Baby, does you're heart skip a beat when you see me
Yes, does you'r heart skip a beat when you see me
Your beautiful smile
You'r head on my shoulder, even though your 2 years older
I'm your Ellody, quite like a Melody, except I'm a Kelly 
Just why can't you see, me for me
"O", yeah, yeah, yeah
You see my heart's like a drum that only beats for you
i can't help but wish, that you love me too
'Cause, I can't stop thinking about you
Don't you know that you're wonderful in my eyes
Just, why can't you see me, standin' with my hands up in the air
Sayin' I can't take this anymore
I'd give you my heart
But, you'll throw it away, and it ain't something you find the next day
i watch you run you'r hands through you'r hair
And I can't help but stare, at your wonderful face
I'd jump right into this
But, I still don't know, if you're there to catch me if I fall
i know you can, but will you
Well, will you
i still watch you brush you're hair
And it makes me want to stare
Yeah, yeah, yeah
My heart skips a beat when I see you
Baby, does you'r heart skip a beat when you see me
Yes, does you're heart skip a beat when you see me
And that's my song, what do you guys think? Is it any good? "Are you kidding, it was amazing", Kaden said, causing me to blush. "But, who is the song about?" I can't tell anyone who the song is about, all I can tell you is that this' how I feel about someone. I'd tell him that I like him, but I don't think he likes me back. So, maybe I'll tell him I like him through this song, after I preform it. I hope he doesn't hate and reject me. I've liked him since I met him.


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