Meeting the New Kid

Mary-kate is a teenager in 10th grade who is bullied and insecure. When a "new kid" comes to Mary-kate's school and starts to become friends with her, what will happen when her neighbor confesses his love for her, but the "new kid" likes her to? Does she choose her neighbor who has been friends with her since kindergarten? Or does she choose the "new kid" who she hasn't even known for a year? Will she choose her neighbor or the "new kid", or maybe she likes someone else, what will happen?

Niall is sent back to school undercover by management. Will he fall for Mary-kate? But what happens when the boys meet her and Harry falls for her too. Will One Direction be torn apart because of their liking of Mary-kate? What limit are the boys willing to go to get Mary-kate to be theirs? When she disappears, what will happen to thoes who like/ love her?


25. Mary-kate's POV: Confessions

Chapter 25~Confessions

Mary-kate's POV:


I sprinted out of the room in my desperation of getting away from Brandon. I ran until I reached the bathroom, with a girl standing there. She was tall, with long, wavy brown hair. She looked back at me with worried brown eyes. "Are you okay?" She asked me.  "No" I replied shakily. "What's wrong?" She pushed. "I don't wanna talk about it." I answered. I knew I was about to break down, and I didn't want to do it in front of this nice girl.  "We'll my name is Chloe Praim-Singh and I'm here if you ever wanna talk about it." I was fighting tears now. "Thanks." I mumbled, and walked into the bathroom. With another worried glance, Chloe walked away. I shut the door and sat on the ground sobbing. I've been doing a lot of crying lately. I just felt so.... violated. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. "Don't come in." I stated hoarsely. "It's me." Kaden answered. "Don't come in." I said again. "Please?" He asked. "Don't worry, Brandon's taken care of." That comforted me a little, but I didn't say anything. "I'm gonna come in." He warned me. He gradually opened the door. Shot, I forgot to lock it. He closed the door behind him, and slowly sat down beside me. Then he pulled me into his arms, and I laid my head on his chest. We sat like this for awhile, until my breathing calmed down. "I am so sorry that he did that to you. He didn't do anything others than kiss you, did he?" He asked after awhile. "No." I whispered. Then I paused. "Kaden," I mumbled, "I have to tell you something." "Anything." He replied, surprised. "It's about Brandon." I peeked up at his face, and waves of anger flashed in his eyes. He glanced down at me, and saw my worried expression. His eyes softened. "Yes?" He asked. I took a steadying breath. "Well, for awhile now, Brandon has been bullying me at school. Ethan, Evan, Nick, and Joey have been too. They kick, punch, and slap me, call me every name in the book, and I can't take it anymore!" I exclaimed. I buried my head in his chest and started sobbing again. His arms softly stroked my back. "Shh, it's okay. I won't let any of them lay a finger in you. Ever. Okay?" He asked me. I nodded. He pushed me gently away, but just a little bit so he could see my face. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" He asked softly. "Because, they said if I told anyone they would hurt my little sister. And I can't defend my little sister myself against all of them." I answered. He stood up, then helped me to my feet. He brushed a tear away with his thumb. "None of them will ever hurt you or your Little sister. I will not allow it. I promise. Okay?" He asked firmly. "Okay." I mumbled. I washed my face off in the sink, and Kaden handed me a towel. I dried my face and put the towel in the little hamper. Then I gave him an unexpected hug. He froze for a second, then wrapped his arms around me again. "Thank you so much. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders." I stated. "Anytime." He mumbled. Then he pulled away, his face red. "Maybe I should go out first, and you wait here a bit. You know, so no one thinks anything..." His voice trailed off at the end. "Yeah, I'll just wait in here a few minutes." I replied, blushing a furious red. "Okay, I will be just around the corner, so no one will get you." He cautioned me. Then he opened the door, peeked his head out, and started casually walking out of the bathroom. Well, it was the worst casual walk I've ever seen, but he was trying.


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