Meeting the New Kid

Mary-kate is a teenager in 10th grade who is bullied and insecure. When a "new kid" comes to Mary-kate's school and starts to become friends with her, what will happen when her neighbor confesses his love for her, but the "new kid" likes her to? Does she choose her neighbor who has been friends with her since kindergarten? Or does she choose the "new kid" who she hasn't even known for a year? Will she choose her neighbor or the "new kid", or maybe she likes someone else, what will happen?

Niall is sent back to school undercover by management. Will he fall for Mary-kate? But what happens when the boys meet her and Harry falls for her too. Will One Direction be torn apart because of their liking of Mary-kate? What limit are the boys willing to go to get Mary-kate to be theirs? When she disappears, what will happen to thoes who like/ love her?


17. Brandon's POV: Anger

Chapter 17~Anger

Brandon's POV:


I looked up when the door opened and in comes Mary-Kate. I wonder what was wrong with her, she looked a little sick. She mumbled something to Mrs. Blue and heard her say "Do you want to go to the nurse?" So she was sick. Mary-Kate shook her head, then made her way back to her seat. I started to say something but she held a finger up, interrupting me. "Hold on, I'm getting a text. I tried to sit there patiently, but it was too much to bear. I had to see who was texting her, and exactly what they were saying. Mary-Kate will be mine and nobody else's. I looked over her shoulder and read the text.


-From <3 Zach <3

Hello Babe!!! <3 how's ur day 2day?


Babe?! He can't call her Babe! She will be MY Babe.


-From Mary-kate

Magnificent now that you texted me<333


-From <3 Zach <3

I can't wait to see you again, ur so beautiful. Ur smile lights up my whole day.


-From Mary-kate

Awww. Babe, i wish i was with u right now. Ask if u can come over after school today. 


-From <3 Zach <3

I'll see, gtg luv u lots!


-From Mary-kate

Luv u too, bye, see u 2nite if u come over.


She turned her phone off and looked at me. I instantly put on a poker face. "Sorry, that was just my boyfriend. And I can't go out with you, since I have a boyfriend, his name's Zach." She turned to face Chloe to start talking to her again. But she wasn't getting off that easily. "I don't care about your boyfriend, you have to go out with me" I demanded. "No." She replied stubbornly. "You will regret saying that, and forget all about your boyfriend, or there will be consequences." I stated lethally. She flinched at my seriousness. But right then the bell rang, and she fled the room. There will be consequences. She'd made her choice, and I have made mine. I will make her mine, even if I have to beat up this Zach kid to do it. She is mine, and only mine!!!!!!


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