One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


25. The Talk

Harry's POV

I'm really relieved that Louis didn't kiss Andy, but I'm afraid of whats going on,on twitter. I pulled out my phone and opened the twitter app. My mouth dropped at what I saw

TT Worldwide

"I knew that bitch was their personal slut"

"Why Lou, she's a kid for Gods sake"

"I wonder if she has sex with them"

"Guys come on you can't be serious. I mean that's a kid that you're talking about. Imagine if it was your little sister"

I couldn't read anymore so I closed out of the app and threw my phone down. "What's wrong mate?" Zayn asked. I turned around and saw everyone standing there but Andy. "Where's Andy?" I asked. "She's still sleeping" El said. "Well we have a problem on twitter about what happened yesterday. We should do a twitcam today and explain to the fans how we feel about their behaviors" I said. The boys looked at me and hurried to the desktop. They read some of the tweets and were furious. "Are they fucking serious?!" Liam shouted, shocking and scaring everyone. "Who the hell do they think they are? Start the twitcam now!" Niall yelled. Louis quickly went to twitter and told everyone we were doing a twitcam and instantly there were retweets ands comments. We logged on to twitcam and got settled into the camera so we could all be seen. When we were situated I started the twitcam. "Hello everyone, we have news for you and they aren't good" I said. We weren't worrying about the comment box so we just did what we got on camera for. "Directioners I'm very disappointed in you. Your behavior lately is just disgusting, you guys aren't respecting us or Andy" Liam said. "If you guys so much as loved us then you would love Andy because she's apart of us now" Zayn said. "Just think if she was to see what you guys wrote about her she would be broken. You guys don't know the half of what she's been through yet you judge her." Niall said. "We started this twitcam because of what has happened yesterday and I myself want to let you know what happened. I was cleaning Andy up yesterday from the ice cream and when I was done I bent down to kiss her cheek but she was unaware and turned her head and I lips met instead. You guys are really hurtful and you don't even know it. Andy is my niece and I'll never think of Andy as nothing more." Louis said. "So with that being said, if you can't respect Andy and love her the way you love us then don't bother calling yourself a directioner" I said. "Goodbye" we all said as I stopped the recording. "Well that went well, I hope that they seen how much that hurt us to see them dog Andy like that" Liam said. "Yeah they better start loving and respecting her now because that's our baby now and we'll do anything to protect her" Zayn said. We carried on talking and waited for Andy to wake so we could get breakfast.

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