One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


18. Surprise!!

Andy's POV

Daddy told me that I had a surprise at home thats why uncle Liam and Sophie and Kristen wasn't here. "Can I please know what my surprise is?" I kept begging. "Not until we get to the house" daddy said. I looked at uncle Louis with pleading eyes and he gave in. He was about to tell me when El slapped her hand over his mouth. "Louis why were you about to tell her, her surprise." she asked. "Umm why weren't you about to tell her, her surprise?" Louis asked scratching the back of his head. "Good one Lou, good one" Zayn said. We pulled up to the house and I pushed everyone out of the way so that I could get in first."Well someones eager" Zayn said pulling me back. Daddy grabbed me and picked me up while the others went in the house he received a phone call but I couldn't make out the other person on the line but daddy said okay and we walked towards the house. Daddy put me down and I truned the knob "SURPRISE!!!" a bunch of people yelled. I got scared and jumped back towards daddy. "Awe we scared her" Louis said. "W-whats going on?" I asked stuttering. "You don't know what today is?" El asked. "No" I simply said. "Well today is your 8th birthday" Niall said while picking me up and walking off. I completely forgot about my birthday. How could someone forget their birthday? I thought to myself anyways it's time for me to enjoy. "Andy I want you to meet someone, close your eyes" Niall said. I closed my eyes and felt myself being lifted into someone elses arms. "Okay open your eyes" Niall said. I opened my eye and smiled really hard. "Hey cutie I heard a lot about you" Justin said. "Hi" i said blushing. "Come on I know your not shy" he said why wiggling me. "I giggled and hugged him and squeezed me back and said he got a gift for me. "Hey everyone let Andy open her gifts starting with Justin's" Niall said. I was carried into the living room and sat down on the couch. "Here you go babe" Justin said. I smiled while accepting the gift and ripped the paper off. I opened the big box and inside was everything Justin Biber wise. I had Justin Bieber outfits, jewelry, perfume, CD's, and autographed sneakers. "Wow thanks Justin" I said while jumping into his arms. "Your welcome love" he said while hugging me back. My gifts were lined up on the table so I went from there. I grabbed a box and shook it and didn't have an noise so I eargerly ripped the paper off. "Wow an iPad mini" I said. "I figured I'd get you a mini considering your hands are mini and your mini" Louis said while crosiing his arms and turning his head like one of those snobby girls that gets upset. "Thanks uncle Lou" I said hugging him. "Your welcome love" he said smiling. The rest of the gifts were electronics and clothes and posters with autographs. "I'm starving" I said. "Oh buddy I thought we would never get to the food" Niall said. "Let's go Andy" Niall said picking meup and running into the kitchen. He made two plates one for him and one for me. Soon the others came in and ate. "This food is really good" me and Niall said at the same time with a mouth full of food. "Andy don't talk with your mouth full" daddy said. "Yes daddy" I said. "And you don't do it either" Sophie said to Niall while popping his arm. Niall dropped his hand and made a pouty face I laughed at him and had everyone else laughing. "Cakeee!!" I yelled. "Alright" and "Yeah let's do it" came from everywhere. "Andy come on over please" daddy said. I walked over and stood in fromt of daddy in front of the cake on the table. "Okay everybody let's harmonize this birthday song" Liam said. "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Andy! Happy birthday to yoouuu!" they sang together. "Wow that was really good somebody should have recorded that" Demi said. "It's recorded. We're recording the whole party" Zayn said. "Thank you guys this was the best day ever!" I yelled.

Harry's POV

I'm really glad I have Andy. She makes me happy and I make her happy. We opened presents, ate dinner, and had cake, now the party was starting to die down. We had a lot of celebrities here like, Demi, Justin, Simon, Britney Spears and her sister and their kids, R5, Cody Simpson, Bella Thorne, Big Time Rush and others. I wanted to show Andy my gift when everyone left. "Andy!" I called out. "Yes" she said running in with her new iPad mini. "Come with me" I said. I picked her and walked upstairs with the boys on my heels. "Open the door" I said. She opened the door and her mouth dropped. "Your going to catch flies if you don't close your mouth" Zayn said laughing at her reaction. "OMG it's beautiful" she said. "I love it, I love it, I love it" she said repeating herself. "I'm glad you love it" I said. "Go on in because I want to see for myself" El said peaking over my shoulder. We walked in while Andy spinned in circles smiling. I love to see her smile I couldn't wish for nothing more.

Andy's POV

Daddy had a surprise for me and I just had to see it. He told me to open my door and when I did I think I died. ""Your going to catch flies if you don't close your mouth" I heard Zayn say while laughing. My room was changed and it looked better than it did before. We walked in and I started spinning in circles while smiling. I love my new family and thats something I can say from the heart.



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