One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


7. Shopping

Andy's POV

I slowly opened my eyes adjusting to the light in my new bedroom. I rubbed my eyes and looked over at the clock to see what time it was. The clock read 9:45 am I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. When I came out I went over to my suitcase that had little to no clothes in it. I took out a pair of undies, a training bra, my toothbrush and my outfit. I picked out a light grey sweater and a pair of black leggings. I took a shower washing my hair in the process. When I got out i dried my body and braided my hair. I took the blow dryer and ran it over my braids. I slipped on my undies and my training bra, afterwards I slipped my leggings on then my sweater with a pair of white chucks. I took the braids out of my head and let my waves fall freely. I put my dirty clothes in the suitcase and walked downstairs. "Well don't you look cute" Zayn said while picking me up. I laughed and hugged him saying good morning. "Good morning Andy!!!" the other boys yelled coming into the kitchen. Louis came over and took me from Zayn "do you know what we're doing today?" he asked. No I don't know what we're doing today. "Well today we're taking you shopping for some new clothes!!" he yelled. Shopping!!! I yelled. We ate breakfast and ran out to the van. We got to the mall as soon as we got out I heard screaming. I looked around and saw the screaming fans, I was then picked up by Harry telling me everything was going to be alright. We got into the mall and I heard fans yelling whose the little girl, she's cute, whose her father. I was happy that the comments being made were nice and not mean. As soon as we were in Harry put me down and I saaw my aunts. I ran up to them and hugged them. Eleanor picked me up and kissed my cheek "the boys called us and told us to help you shop you know for your undies and stuff" she said. I said yeah with that we headed towards Crazy 8 and got some undies and bras and a couple of swimming wear, Eleanor helped me with that. After we got my underclothing we went to Victoria Secret and got some lotion, bodywash, and perfume. Danielle helped me pick out this stuff. Next stop was clothes we met up with all of the boys and headed towards Abercrombie. "I'm helping her pick out her clothes!!" Zayn, Perrie, and Louis yelled out at the same time. We left out of the mall with lots of bags. Each of us was carrying 5 to 6 bags. We said goodbye to the girls and headed back home. We carried the bags up to my room and hung the clothes up in the closet and put the shoes on the self under the clothes. "Thanks guys my morning was really fun I said as i pounced down on Harry's lap. "What is it that you want for lunch today babe?" Liam asked. Umm i don't know I could eat anything right now I said. "Well how about we go get some Nandos then later on tonight we can go to Brasserie Chavot" Niall said. Okay then lets go I said. We got in the truck this time Louis driving, Liam in the passenger seat, and me, dad, zayn, and niall in the back. 

Harry's POV

Andy's a really sweet girl I'm glad I found her because she's a blessing. 

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