One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


30. Play Date Or Not!!

Andy's POV

I was so excited for my play date with Andrea that her and her mom finish eating brunch with us. "How about Angela come with us and we'll drop her off later or you can come pick her up" El suggested. "Yeah!" I yelled clapping my hands. Everyone laughed at me "I guess that's not a problem and I'll pick her up around 3" Amelia said rubbing Andreas' head. "Okay then I'll text you the address" daddy said picking me up. Everyone said their goodbyes and went their seperate ways after walking outside. We all got in the car, and headed back to the house. "So Andrea and Andy what do you girls want to do?" Perrie asked. "Let's do makeovers" Andrea said. "Okay girls we'll do makeovers and have a tea party" El said. "Yay" me and Andrea chanted together. We pulled up to the house and me and Andrea knocked everyone out the way so we could get in first forgetting the door was locked or not. We ran up to the door and it was opened, I grabbed Andreas' hand and ran back towards everyone. "Daddy somebody's in the house" I said on the verge of tears. "What are you talking about babygirl?" he asked furrowing his brows. "The door is opened and it looked like some things were wrecked a little bit" I said now crying. "Shh it's okay I'm here, I'm going to call Andrea's mom and you'll have your play date some other time." daddy said dialing Amelia's number. Amelia was here in no time and asked if she should take me along. I told her I wanted to stay so her and Andrea left after giving us hugs. "Come here princess" Niall said picking me up. Everyone was grouped up walking in. Daddy and Liam, Zayn and Louis, Eleanor and Danielle, Kristin and Perrie, and Niall, Sophie and me. We walked in the house leaving the door open in case we needed to run out Niall suggested that. We walked further into the house and heard chuckling when we stopped in front of the living room. "I told I'll be back for you, you little slut." my dad said chuckling. I whimpered and Niall pulled me closer to him. I looked over his shoulder and saw Sophie dialing 911 on her phone. "Stay away from her!" daddy shouted. "This here girl belongs to me" he said getting off the couch. Niall passed me to Eleanor who was being pushed behind the boys. "I think you want to pass the girl over" he said pulling out a gun. "I'll go just don't hurt them" I said freeing myself from Eleanors' grip. "Andy no please" Louis cried out. I walked over to him and he had an evil smirk. "It's about time you came to your senses you cunt" he said grabbing me by my hair and dragging me out the door. "Andy!" daddy yelled as we reached the door. I struggled to turn my head and look. When I turned my head I saw all the boys running towards me with the girls behind them. Zayn, Liam, and Louis tackled my dad to the ground while daddy started punching him. Danielle ran up and grabbed me and quickly went back behind the boys. I looked up and saw that my dad freed himself from the boys and retrieved his gun. He pointed the gun at daddy and once again I jumped in front of the bullet but it missed me and daddy. "Freeze" the police busted through the door. We looked up at the door startled and moved back when they brought him down to the ground. They took him out of the house and everyone gathered around me asking if I was okay. "Andy you know I wasn't going to let you go" daddy said picking me up. "I love you and I'll never let anything happen to you" he said kissing my forehead. I tightened my grip around his neck and deepened my head in his the crook of his neck. "We seriously need to find a new home where there aren't many fans" Niall said. "I guess we can spend the rest of the day house hunting" daddy said. Everyone nodded their head in agreement. Everyone went to get their laptops to look for houses and they agreed that we'll stay together in case something like this happened again. "I love you guys!" I yelled sitting on Kristin's lap. "WE LOVE YOU TOO ANDY!!" they yelled back. I now have myself a family I can say care about me.

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