One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


13. Mystery Girl

Harry's POV

Today I want to do something to show Andy how much I love her so I'm planning on taking her out today. Maybe we could go to the carnival then, I'll take her for ice cream. That's sounds good I though as I got out of bed and headed towards the shower. I pulled out some clothes and went in the bathroom. I took a quick shower got dressed and came out, I then went downstairs and started breakfast. When I went down everyone was already in the kitchen eating. Andy saw me and ran over to me jumping in my arms "Good morning Daddy" she said while kissing my cheek. "Good morning princess" I said while kissing her forehead. "What are we doing today?" Louis asked. "I don't know what the rest of you guys are going to do but I'm taking Andy out today" I said. "Awww why can't we go?" The boys said together. "Because daddy wants to spend time with me and 'NOT' you boys" she said emphasizing the word not. "Go get ready babe and I'll be waiting for you" I said to her. She bolted up the stairs and soon I heard her door close. "Ok guys Andy birthday is coming up in three weeks and I want this to be special so tell the girls so they can help us plan this" I said. They nodded and went their seperate ways. Not too long afterwards Andy came back down and was ready to go. I'm ready daddy "coming babygirl let me grab my keys" I said while grabbing the keys off the counter. I picked Andy up and carried her out to the car and put her in the backseat. I got in the drivers seat and began driving, I stopped the car once we reached our destination. "Carnival!!" Andy yelled out. "Someone's excited" I said while getting out. I went over to her side and got her out of the car. I made sure my curls were well hidden in my beanie. I put Andy down and grabbed her hand. We made our way to the ticket stand, to get tickets I paid for the tickets and asked Andy what she wanted to do. "I want to go there first" she said pointing at a roller coaster. We walked over to the roller coaster and found a seat. We sat down and put our heads down "Excuse me" I looked up to see a beautiful girl with with amazing blue eyes, and brown wavy hair. "Yes" I said as I cleared my throat. "All the seats are taken and this is the only one left. So I was wondering if it was okay if I could ride with you guys?" she asked. "Yeah sure no problem" I said. She sat down next to Andy and said "Hi cutie what's your name?" "Hi I'm Andy" andy said while giggling. The girl looked over at me and said "I'm Kristen by the way" she said. "Hello love I'm Harry" I said while shaking her hand. "OMG" she whispered to herself but I heard it. "Your Harry Styles aren't you she said. "Yeah love that's me" I said while chuckling. "Don't worry I'm not one of those crazed fans that goes screaming when she see's a celebrity" she said. I thanked God and said "Tell me something about yourself" I said. "Well when you first meet me I'm shy but, when I get to know you I'm funny and random, I'm a carefree person and like to help others" she said. "Are you here with anyone?" I asked. "Umm yeah I'm here with my friend Sophie and her brother" she said. The ride ended and we hopped off I picked Andy up and said "Well why don't you ditch your friends and come hang out with me and Andy" she thought about it for a minute the said she'll be right back. "Daddy is she going to be my new mommy?" I asked. "She might be who knows" I said. "Well I think she's pretty, you two are cute together" Andy said. 

Andy's POV

A girl name Kristen got on the ride with me and daddy and they were talking completely ignoring me, but I didn't mind because I saw that she was making daddy happy. Her and daddy were talking and she said she'll be right back so I asked daddy if she was going to be my new mommy. Hopefully she will she's very pretty and nice. Kristen came back and said "it's cool they were leaving anyway' with that being said daddy put me down and held my hand. Kristen walked on the other side of me so I grabbed her hand. She looked down at me and giggled. "What's funny?" daddy asked. Kristen held her hand up and smiled. "Aww isn't that cute" daddy said. As we were making our way back daddy noticed the paparazzi. He picked me up again and grabbed Kristens hand "Paparazzi is here guys we have to go" he said. We successfully got to the car without being attacked by fans. "How do you do it?" Kristen asked. "You get use to it after a while I guess" daddy said. "Where are we going now daddy?" I asked. "We're going to get some ice cream, then we're headed back to the flat" he said. "I scream for ice cream!" I yelled. Daddy and Kristen laughed at me as we pulled out of the carnival. We pulled up to the carnival and got out of the car, we got inside the shop and ordered our ice cream and sat down. "So Andy how old aew you?" Kristen asked. "I'm 7 and cute" i said while giggling. Her and daddy laughed at me. When I looked up I saw my uncles walk in and one of them had a girl.


A/N: Congrats to Kristen again she's now one of the main characters.

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