One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


15. Movie Gone Wrong

Harry's POV

I was scared when Andy's father came up to us and said that he was going to get Andy one way or another. I'm will not let that bastard near my babygirl again. "Daddy uncle Louis said come downstairs with everyone else" Andy said. She ran out the room and I was right behind her. I walked downstairs and saw Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor. "Hi girls" I said. "Hey Harry" they said together. "Okay now that everyones here lets watch a movie" Louis yelled. "Let's watch a scary movie!" Andy yelled. "Andy we don't want you having nightmares" Perrie said. "It's okay if I get scared I'll just sleep with daddy and Kristen" she said. I smiled and saw Kristen blush. "Awe isn't that cute" Zayn said. We decided to watch Paranormal Activity 3, but before we did everyone sat next to their cuddle buddy. "I'll be back I'm gonna get my blanket" Andy said. "I'll come with you" Eleanor said. Eleanor walked over to Andy picked her up and took her upstairs. "El really likes Andy doesn't she?" Niall asked. "Yeah" we all said together. They came back and we started the movie, Kristen and Andy were both scared so they kept throwing their heads in my chest. Halfway through the movie we heard someone messing with the lock on the door. "Hey do you guys hear that?" Zayn asked. "Yeah" everyone said together. We all stood up and Louis turned out the lights. "I'm calling 911" Perrie said. I noticed Andy crying and asked what's wrong "I think it's my dad" she whispered. When she said that all the boys looked at me because we let it slip what had happened earlier. "Girls take Andy upstairs and lock the door" I said. "Daddy don't leave me" she said. "Everything is going to be al.." I was cut off in mid sentence by the door being kicked in. "Where is she?!" someone yelled. We all ran up the stairs quietly and into my bedroom considering it was he biggest. "It's my dad" Andy whispered. "It's okay baby" El said soothing Andy. We heard opening and closing of doors. "Okay everyone in the closet" I said. We moved quickly to the closet. As soon as we shut the closet the room door was opened. "I know your here Andy. Just come on out to daddy and nobody gets hurt" her dad said. We heard him walk over to the closet and we pushed further back getting behind clothes. He opened the closet looked around for a bit then closed it. It was dark but I could make out what he was doing. We heard him walk out of the room then we walked out one by one. The first person out was Liam, Danielle, Niall, Sophie, Zayn, Perrie, Louis, Eleanor, Andy, Kristen, then me. "Is he gone?" Perrie whispered. "No I'm still here" he said standing in the doorway with a knife. We pushed the girls behind us and backing away. Where is the police i thought. "Just give me the slut and everything will be alright" he yelled. "Your not getting her she belongs with us now, someone who is actually going to care for her" I said. "Oh yeah?" he asked walking towards me. I heard Andy whimpering and then he charged towards me with the knife but before it could get me someone jumped in front of him and then I heard the sirens.

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