One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


23. Just a Kiss

Louis"s POV

Me and Andy entered the shop and ordered what we wanted. I got an vanilla cone and she got a butter pecan cone. I was staring at her eating her ice cream admiring how cute she was and how her little tongue was licking the ice cream. "Stop staring at me and eat your ice cream" she said playfully glaring at me. "Oh I'm sorry I can't help how cute you look eating ice cream" I said laughing. When she looked away I got my phone out and snapped a picture. I uploaded the picture on twitter with the caption "On a date with Andy" instantly I got a lot of retweets and comments. I read some of the comments some were very nice and the others were not so good.

"Aww look at how cute she is when she eats ice cream" 

"Aw Andy is adorable, wish i was her"

"I bet that's not the only thing she licks"

"Eww thats why she's fat"

Were some of the comments I read I love Andy just like the rest of the guys do. Andy finished her ice cream and so did I, "I'm ready to go" she said. "Oh okay I said while getting out of the chair" I helped Andy but before I put her down I stood her up so I could clean her off. "You have ice cream on your face, let me clean you up" I said while grabbing a napkin. She stood there looking me in the face while I cleaned her up. "All done" I said. I went to kiss her on the cheek but she turned her head not knowing I was kissing her cheek and I kissed her smack on the lips. Andy's eye got big and she covered her mouth. "Im sorry uncle Lou I didn't mea.." I cut her off by picking her up and carrying her to the car I hope no one saw that because then it'll be the wrong impression. When we stepped out paparazzi was swarming everywhere and throwing questions but ONE question caught my attention. "Did you just share a kiss with a kid?" 

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