One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


9. Dressed

Harry's POV

When we came back from Nandos, we went back to the house to relax until 7:00 pm. Hey Andy come here babygirl for a minute. "Here I come daddy!" she yelled. I smiled at the name daddy. She came into the room and ran into my arms. "Yes daddy" she said. I smiled at her and said your aunts are coming over, to help you dress for tonight but I'm gonna do your hair, so lets go wash your hair. I grabbed a towel, and some shampoo and conditioner. When we got in the bathroom, I turned the shower on and told her to get down. She got on her knees and I stood over her, I ran the water over her head I heard her giggling. When her hair was damp, I applied the shampoo rinsed it out, then applied again and rinsed it out. When the shampoo was out I put in some conditioner and told her to relax for 5 minutes I put a plastic bag on her head because there was no shower caps. She ran out of the room and downstairs with the guys i was right behind her. "Hey And.. why do you have a plastic bag on your head?" "Um there weren't any more shower caps so I used a plastic bag" I said. "What are you doing to babygirls' hair?" Louis said while scooping her up. "I'm washing it then braiding it so that she can have pretty curls" i said. We laughed for about 3 more minutes then it was time to rinse out the conditioner. Me and Andy ran back upstairs and into the bathroom. I rinsed out the conditioner, braided her hair, then blowed dried it. By the time I finished this it was now 5:00. I ran down stairs and told everyone to start taking their showers. Everyone departed to their bathroom to get ready. We all came back at the same time at 5:45 but none of us were dressed we just had on comfortable clothes.

Andy's POV

I was really happy when daddy told me he was going to do my hair. I was even more excited when he told me my aunts were coming over to get me dressed. As we were sitting around killing time the doorbell rang. "I'll get it" I said. I bolted towards the door and opened it. "Andy!!" all three of my aunts yelled. I smiled and gave them a group hug. Danielle picked me up and carried me into the living room. "Hey girls" the boys said. Liam, Zayn, and Louis got up and greeted their girlfriends. Liam hugged and kissed Danielle with me still in her arms. "Hello I am here" I said in a duh tone. "Louis look at what you've done to this poor little girl" Eleanor said. Louis came over to me and took me out of Danielle's arms and looked me in the eyes. "Andy there isn't any room here for two sassy people" he said. "Well uncle Lou there's a new sassy pants in town so you better move aside" I said while patting his head. We burst out laughing except Louis "well then I guess I was just served" he said while putting me down and moving over to the couch with Eleanor. "Alright guys we need to start getting ready its 5:30" Perrie said. The guys went to their rooms to get ready and the girls came into mine. "Okay babe lets get you dolled up" Danielle said. She went into my closet and pulled out a dress (all of their outfits are going to be in the comment box). She slipped the dress on for me then my little sweater. "Okay come here babygirl" Eleanor said. I walked over to her and she told me to sit in the chair. I sat in the chair and she started taking out the braids letting my hair hang loosely. "Aww you look so beautiful doll" Perrie said. The girls dressed in my room and said lets take a pic. They took the picture and uploaded it to twitter with the caption "Our new niece isn't she beautiful?" I thanked the girls and we headed down. When we came down the boys were all in the living room in their tuxs. "How do we look boys?" I said as we were down the stairs. The boys stood up and said "You girls look beautiful." Thank you we said. "Daddy you look handsome" I said. "And you look beautiful princess" he said. "What about us?" Zayn asked. I looked them over and said "no just daddy." "So I spent 45 mins getting ready just for you to tell me I don't look good?" Zayn and Louis said at the same time. We all laughed and said just kidding you all look amazing. With that we headed out.


A/N: Everyone's outfit will be posted in the comment box. Idk how to upload the images in the story box.

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