One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


21. Date

Andy's POV

Uncle Lou was acting weird all of a sudden he became nervous around me I don't know why. I asked him if we could go somewhere before our date and he just picked me up not telling where we were going. "Where are we going? I finally asked. He stopped and looked around before answering "Let's go there" he said pointing to a little shop across the road. We successfully made it across the road and into the little shop. "Hello and welcome" said a smiling lady behind the counter. Uncle Louis put me down and started looking around at the shirts. "Look Andy matching shirts for our dates" he said. I looked over at the shirts and they were red and white striped shirts. "I like them now we need to match our pants and shoes" I said. "Oh I know! Our black jeans and white chucks" he said excitedly. "Perfect!" I yelled. He boughtthe shirts and we headed back home. When we reached home we walked in and I headed straight up to get ready for my date I was really excited. "Are you ready Andy?" Louis asked from downstairs. "Coming" I said running out of the room and into his arms. "You look beautiful as always" he said. "You look handsome" I said kissing his cheek. We got in the car and headed towards the ice cream shop.

Harry's POV

I don't know what has gotten into Louis, he's become suddenly close with Andy. Maybe I need to look out more, I pushed the thought aside and got ready for my date. I planned on taking Kristen (Krissy) to the park so I could ask her to be mine. I dressed myself in something nice and walked downstairs to a beautiful Kristen. "Ready love?" I asked her. "Yeah" she replied getting up from the couch. I grabbed her hand and walked out the door towards the car. I became nervous as we got near the park because I didn't know what her answer would be. We finally made it to the park and we both got out. I grabbed her hand in mine and smiled at her warmth. "Kristen do you like me?" I asked her. "Of course I do Harry, I love you-" she said stopping herself. "You love me?" I asked. "Uh yeah" she said putting her head down and blushing of embarassment. "I love you too" I said lifting her chin and kissing her lips passionately. "Matter of factly I brought you here to ask if you would be my girlfriend" I said. "Of course Harry I would be yours" she said wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me. As we were deep in the kiss I heard a gasp behind me. I turned around to someone I hoped I would never see again.

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