One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


28. Brunch

Andy's POV

We pulled up to our destination and got out of the car. The buidling had fans outside of the building and a few paparazzi. "Come here doll" Zayn said gesturing for me to come over to him. I walked over to him and he picked me up. We walked past the fans and paparazzi who were asking questions. Some fans had signs that said "WE'RE SORRY ANDY!!" "wE LOVE YOU TOO ANDY!" and all sorts of stuff. I saw the boys smiling at the signs that the fans were holding up. We finally got inside and were seated. A pretty lady came over and asked us for our drinks, we already knew what we wanted to eat so we gave her our oder to save her the trip. "I have to potty" I said aloud. "Come on I'll walk you there Liam said. Liam got out of his chair and scooted mine back and picked me up. We reached the bathroom and Liam opened it for me "Thank you" I said batting my lashes. "Your welcome madam" he said laughing. I walked deeper into the bathroom and went into a stall. I handled my business and got out the stall. I walked up to the sink to wash my hands but I couldn't reach the sink. "Here let me help you honey" said a beautiful women who looked to be in her 30's. She picked me up so I could get the soap "Thank you I said turning and smiling at her. She nodded her head and put me down. When she put me down I looked over and saw a girl about my age standind behind her. "OMG I know who you are!!! Your Andy Styles!! One Direction new daughter!!" she squealed hugging me. I hugged back "Yeah that's me" I said smiling really big. "I'm Andrea by the way" she said. I smiled at her and looked at her mom. "Hey do you want to be my new friend?" I asked her jumping around. "Yeah! I do" she said hugging me. I ran out of the bathroom dragging Andrea and her mom along, forgetting about Liam. I got back to the table breathing hard. "D-daddy, this is my new friend Andrea" I said excitedly. "Hello Andrea" the boys said together smiling at her. "Hey Andrea" said the girls. "No way! I'm standing in front of 1D and their girlfriends!" she squealed. "Daddy can Andrea come over later?" I asked giving puppy dog eyes. "You have to ask her mother babygurl" he said giving in to my face. I walked over to her mom and asked if me and Andrea could have a play date later. Daddy and Andrea mom Amelia changed numbers and set a play date up for later. I couldn't wait for her to come over later.

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