One Direction Adopted Me!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE

Hi my name is Andy, don't know my last name. I live in a a place that stinks the orphanage. Until i got adopted by 5 super stars.


24. Blow Up!!

Louis's POV

The question replayed in my head and just kept replaying as I stood there. "I'm scared" I heard a little voice say bringing back to reality. "I know let's go" I said running towards the car. I let Andy sit in the front with me, I made sure she was strapped in before I got in and strapped myself. "I have no idea what just happened" I said to myself or so I thought. "They asked if we shared a kiss" Andy said reminding me. I shook my head and prayed that the boys haven't heard anything about it yet. 

*Skip the rest of the car ride*

We pulled up to the house and I was nervously shaking. I got out and ran around to get Andy. As soon as we stepped foot on the mat it was something i regretted. I felted Andy being taken from me and myself being pushed against the wall. I came to realization to see Andy and the girls with Liam and Niall, and Zayn holding me against the wall and a angry Harry. "What the hell is your fucking problem?" Harry spat at me. I gave him a puzzled look although I knew what he was talking about. "Why would you kiss my babygirl? She's 8 Lou, a fucking 8 year old" Harry shouted. "Umm no need to interrupt but could we block the cursing?" Liam asked holding up his index finger. "Shut up Liam and take the girls upstairs" Zayn said. I looked over and saw the girls and Liam walking slowly up the stairs. Eleanor looked back at me and shook her head. "Guys let me explain and if you don't believe what I'm about to say then ask Andy for yourself" I said trying to plead my case. "Go on explain" Harry said more calm. "Umm Zayn could you let go of me?" I asked. He let go and I started with my side of the story. "Well I snapped a picture of Andy eating her ice cream then uploaded it to twitter. After that she was done and said she was ready to go. I stood her up in the chair to clean up her face then when I was done I bent down to kiss her cheek but she turned her head I kissed her lips instead" I said in one breath. "So your saying she kissed you?" Harry asked still angry. "That's not what I'm saying, I'm saying she was unaware of me kissing her cheek" I said throwing my hands up in surrender.

Andy's POV

Let me go I have to help him it wasn't his fault I didn't know he was kissing my cheeks" I said while trying to escape. I finally got out of the room and told them my side of the story. "Well I guess you were telling the truth Lou" daddy said. "Yeah" Lou said. They all apologized to me and Lou and sat down for a talk.

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