The day it changed

One summer but rainy day in Cheshire London Lily's life totally changes when she meets the most flirty boy with curly hair,green eyes,and such a caring heart she realizes that they both would be together forever and ,I mean forever!


3. Surprise!!

Driving down the road Shelbys phone rang ''Hello'' she answered she talked to a lady that sounded familiar and then squealed ''EEPP!!'' Shelby yelled ''What was that all about'' I asked ''OMG YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE THIS GIRLIES'' ''What is it'' Bella asked along ''So my aunt Malay,'' ''Yea..'' ''Shes the one direction Concert meet and greet thingy remember!'' ''Go on'' ''SHE GOT US VIP TICKETS AND MEET AND GREET SHTUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' ''AHHHH'' We all screamed. ''Omg Omg Omg'' ''We are all gonna have a total BALL!!'' Shelby yelled'' ''IKR'' I yelled ''After singing rock me over 30 times we all calmed down. ''Any1 hungry'' I asked I thought you'd never ask Bella said ''lol'' we stopped at a subway and got sandwiches It was 9:00 by the time we found our hotel i hopped on my bed and fell asleep all i can remember is that tomorrow It would not be just me and mt two bffs it would be us and our 5 heroes..... OOC Hey My Lovlies hows Life!!
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