The day it changed

One summer but rainy day in Cheshire London Lily's life totally changes when she meets the most flirty boy with curly hair,green eyes,and such a caring heart she realizes that they both would be together forever and ,I mean forever!


2. Rushing

OOC: Hey guys lily here i just wanted to say that i actually wrote this on paper before i did this i put my two bffls in it two Shelby and Bella (annabella) i wanted to say that i need more ideas for my second movellas and i need ur help if u have an idea just follow these instructions

~Email me @ 


~Just comment and ill pick from there!


But either way ill pick something now lets get back to the story. OH i forgot OOC and BTC mean Out Of Character and BTC means Back To Character Now lets get back to the story!


 I ran up the stairs leading into my room i literally  ran faster than a cheetah. I was just putting everything i could find that i should take Under garments,Swim Suits ,Hair stuff ,and other things like makeup, shoes Etc. i finally got done packing and ran back down the stairs i was Soo tired by the time i was at the bottom of the stairs.I kissed my parents good bye and ran out the door and guess what........ NO BFFLS "UGH.. Where are they'' i yelled i was so ticked!! Finally after twenty minutes they came i ran up to Bella's Bright green Mustang she called it her green bean machine she loved it so much Shelby had a red lipstick streak on her left cheek i giggled ''this is because miss careful here took a sharp turn when i was putting on my lipstick!'' ''Sorry!'' Then we all laughed ''This is going to be awesome'' Bella yelled

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