The day it changed

One summer but rainy day in Cheshire London Lily's life totally changes when she meets the most flirty boy with curly hair,green eyes,and such a caring heart she realizes that they both would be together forever and ,I mean forever!


4. Meet and greet

"LILY WAKE UP!" Shelby yelled I moaned "Ugh im up" i said in a raspy morning voice. "Its the day of the meet  and greet! We need to hurry and get out of here!" I opened my eyes so wide i thought my eyeballs were going to fall out of my head."Oh ok then im up im up" I went and took a short shower curled my hair and put on my favorite outfit, an aqua dress with a white sweater i also put on some white flats with a little blue shoulder purse. I was almost done with my make up when "EEP  THEY JUST GOT TO THE MEET AND GREET HURRY  YOU GUYS!!!!" I did my make up and we were off. We arrived at the book store and just knew we were the last people there because there were over 400 cars so yea. We ran in, we all waved to Shelby's aunt. We were in line for over 2 hours and we were so glad when it was our turn. We met Niall first he was super sweet but i think he stole my Nandos coupon because i mean c'mon hes Niall what do you expect! We then met Zayn. Shelby was going die over him but she was silent .

OOC: Sorry lovelies i haven't been updating in a long time. I've been busy and yup so anyway im gonna do 3 chapters today i finished the book on paper and now im starting BOOK 2!!  So when i finish this book on Movellas ill do my next book!!

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