The day it changed

One summer but rainy day in Cheshire London Lily's life totally changes when she meets the most flirty boy with curly hair,green eyes,and such a caring heart she realizes that they both would be together forever and ,I mean forever!


1. Forgetting an emergancy

7:00 am "You've got that one thing" My phone was ringing and it was my bff Shelby ''why is she calling me at seven in the morning i totally regretted picking up the phone ''Where are you!!!!!!!!!'' She yelled ''what do you mean where am i im at my house'' '' YOU FORGOT!!!!!'' Forgot what...?.....'' The concert'' OMG i count believe i did it i forgot that today we were going to a one direction concert We were planning this since 2011 we're serious fans! i rolled my eyes and asked this ''when will you be here ''in two minutes'' ''Make that three little miss perfect here needs to put on mascara'' My other bff Annabelle grabbed the phone and yelled into the phone ''sorry when you need to look good you need to look good''  I giggled a bit'' OK, OK ill be out in two mins''

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