Make You Mine (One Direction FanFic)

Kemi Tomlinson is Louis adopted sister. His family adopted her when she was 3 months old. Kemi and Louis have been close forever. The Take Me Home tour is over. The boys are traveling around the world to new places. She is going with Louis and the other boys. She falls for one of the boys. Who will she fall for? Will they live happily ever after? Read and find out


17. Under The Weather

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I shield my eyes from the bright sun shining through the blinds,

I turn over and there is no sign of Kemi. I wince from getting up to fast and limp my way downstairs. The first thing I see is a fit girl in my long t-shirt. She's cooking breakfast and dancing to Avril Levignes, Here's to never growing up. She's drinking her coffee and looking though her emails.
"Good Morning, my love," I whisper in her ear before kissing her neck.
"Morning, how are you feeling," she says grinding her hips against my front. She's trying to be sexy but it isn't working. She has to get on her tiptoes and lean just to be able to grind on me. I bust out laughing and she looks really embarrassed. Just as she's about to laugh she sprints to the bathroom.
"Kemi ?! You okay?" I scream trying to sound as concerned as possible without sounding too worried.
"Yeah, I'm fine just peeing yenno," she says humourous. But something isn't right

Grinding on Niall was and is the most embarrassing thing ever. I'm only 5'6 and he's like 6'1 or something. I have to get on my tippy toes. Suddenly I have this powerful feeling coming full force. First I though it was just an ache or something. But I knew what it was.. I sprinted to the bathroom without warning and hurled and hurled until I couldn't anymore. Behind the door I knew was a worried and concerned Niall. Praying he didn't do anything wrong or say anything wrong. He kept calling my name. "Kemi !?" he said. "Yeah ?" I questioned. "You okay babe?," he asked in a concerned tone. I could hear him breathing heavily. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just peeing yenno." I say as calm as possible. "Can you open up ?" he practically begged. "Um yeah just give me a minute," I hesitated, "please." "Yeah, sure take your time." he stated. I finished up and ran the water as if I was washing my hands and broke the seal on the mouthwash. Grab my toothbrush and paste. I spit the wash out and brush until all I can taste is the spearmint from the paste. I hesitantly walk out of the bathroom. Niall is standing there fully dressed holding my vans and some skinny jeans. I pull the pants up and slid the shoes on. He knows... I think. We both walk out the house. "Where are we going ?" I whispered to myself but he heard, "Coffee, that okay ?" he asks. "Yeah that's good." We walked for a short bit. We should've taken the car with Niall's condition he needs to take it easy. Even after our events the other night he still needs to rest. When we finally reach the coffee place. We walk in and I see Josh Devine, who is basically one of Niall's best friends. I greet him and get Niall's order. "I'll have a Grande Vanilla Bean with a shot of raspberry and a chocolate cake pop." he states as if he's said it a million times. " Okay I'll be back, " I say scurrying off. Standing in the line here is always a pain in the arse. There's 1 person in front of me. The lady has 5 kids all yelling their orders at their mother. She's holding her newborn in her arms, who is sleeping and I don't understand how. The oldest son told them to hush. He told his mother his order then took his three triplet sisters orders whose names were Via, Mia, and Lia. They all wanted the same thing so it wasn't that hard. The youngest little boy just wanted a chocolate chip muffin but wouldn't say it. He just looked up at me and pointed at the muffin. "He wants the chocolate muffin, right ?" I ask him, waiting for him to nod in confirmation. He doesn't say anything he just nods. "Vincent, is that all you want? Mommy might have to give you some of her strudel. I don't have enough for all of this," his mother says sadly. I couldn't help but blurting out & butting in. "I'll handle it," I say generously. "Oh gosh, are you serious ? Thank you so much, " she says almost on the verge of tears. I nod. The lady pays the cashier and stands over to the side. I approach the register. " I'll have a grande vanilla bean frappé with one shot of raspberry syrup, a chocolate cake pop, a grande cotton candy frappé, a crosiant and," I pause, "one of the big chocolate muffins with chocolate chips please." "Okay," the cashier repeats my order, "anything else ?" he asks. I look down at Vincent and his eyes are beaming. He shakes his head no. "That's it," I say simply. " Okay your total is $12.48, debit or credit?" he asks. I hand him a 10 and 5. He types something and the register opens. "Oh no, keep the change please." I say. I crouch down and  hand Vincent his muffin. He hugs me and whispers, "Thank you, so much." The first thing he's probably said in a while. I hug him back and then release, wave and take the order back to Niall. He's sitting down in a booth. Laughing about something Josh said. He gets up and shakes Josh's hand. We walked out the shop and walked home. "Babe ?" Niall says. "Yeah, what is it ?" "I'm really in pain. It okay if we just hang in today. Movie and Chinese ?" "Yeah and I need to tell..," his phone buzzes. "Yeah hold on." he puts his finger up at me as we enter the house.

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