Make You Mine (One Direction FanFic)

Kemi Tomlinson is Louis adopted sister. His family adopted her when she was 3 months old. Kemi and Louis have been close forever. The Take Me Home tour is over. The boys are traveling around the world to new places. She is going with Louis and the other boys. She falls for one of the boys. Who will she fall for? Will they live happily ever after? Read and find out


2. Plane Flight

~ Kemi

We rode for about 20 minutes. When we reached the airport we got out of the cab. I had 2 bags and a carry-on. Niall and Louis had 1 bag and a carry-on. Niall and Louis both grabbed one of my bags as we made our way into the airport. We walked up to the reception desk. The lady at the desk checked our tickets and passports. We got our stuff and got on the plane. Liam and Zayn sat in front of me and Niall. Harry, Cali and Louis sat behind us. The intercom came on. "This is your captain speaking. We will be taking off in 3 minutes. If you are in need of anything, please refer to the flight attendants. Thank you for your cooperation. Enjoy your flight." The intercom clicked off. "Louis!" "Yeah." "I'm sleepy." "Okay hold on." Louis grabbed my blanket out off my suitcase. "Here Kemi." "Thanks Lou." I took my blanket. That was my favorite blanket b/c it had the British flag on it. "Hey, Niall, I'm going to sleep." "Okay babe." I fell asleep on Niall's lap in a matter of 2 minutes.


I woke up about 4 hours later and went to the loo. After I was done, I walked back to see Niall covered up in his Irish flag blanket. I sat down, covered up and laid back on Niall's lap.Then Niall woke me up with the sound of him eating pistachio nuts. "Good Morning, Kemi." "Hey Nialler." "Are you hungry babe?" "Always!!" He called the attendant with blonde hair over and asked her for some chocolate covered peanuts. She gave me a disgusted look and sashayed away. "Niall, why was she giving me that look." "Not sure maybe she's jealous b/c Louis is your brother and your coming on tour with us." "Oh..," I paused b/c the lady was coming back. "Here you go," she said looking at Niall and winking before she walked away. "What was that, was she winking at....," I was interrupted by the intercom. "This is your captain speaking we will be landing in about 45 minutes." Niall gave me the chocolate covered peanuts. I took them and opened them. The intercom must have woke Louis up b/c he yelled, "Bloody Hell what time is it." He woke Harry, Zayn and Cali up with his yelling. " Vas Happening everybody," Zayn said sleepily. "Good morning, Zayn," me and Harry whispered. "Oh are those chocolate peanuts." "No, they were until I ate them." "I'm gonna get me some...," "No, I'll get them," I proclaimed. " Ummm, excuse me hey excuse me...," I paused. Then another attendant with brown hair looked back and walked toward us. "Yes, Ms. Tomlinson, what are you in need of." "Um, may I have another bag of chocolate peanuts." "Sure." She walked away and returned in a matter of 2 minutes with 2 bags of peanuts. "Thank you." "Your welcome," she said and walked away. "Here Zayn." "Thanks." We got our stuff together and woke Liam up. 

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