Of all people, why me?

I am Emily Marie Green. I am just starting to go to a collage in England. Somehow there was a mix up with my dorm room and i got paired with Harry Styles. I have heard about him and he is nothing but trouble, but maybe i need some trouble in my life? Maybe i need to start letting go a little bit? Will Harry the bad boy teach me his ways? Will i go too far?


4. Sharing

I walked back to the dorm.

"Looks like we are roomies." I stated to Styles.


"You don't mind?" I asked.

"Not really....i used to share a room with my sister growing up, so i don't really mind at all"

"Oh" Was all i could manage.

I started getting unpacked and neatly folded everything into its according drawer. I noticed that Harry was messily throwing clothes anywhere they wold fit.

"You know you can find things better if they are more organized?"

"Organized isn't really my style Ems"



"My name is Emily."


After that nice little chat i decided to take a walk. I started thinking and letting my mind wander. I already knew that i would hate living with Styles. His bratty attitude and huge ego made him impossible to stand. He was on the face of every magazine and thats just how he liked it. I think he is a part of some sort of boy band and they are apparently very popular. I took my iPhone out of my pocket and started searching everything about him. Some people may find that creepy, but i would be living with him and i assumed that he wouldn't just open himself up for me, so i had to find my own information. His band is called One Direction. He is a player. He is in his band with four other members. Thats all i could dig up before i reached our dorm again. By the time i arrived Harry was already fast asleep. I got ready for bed and fell asleep wondering how i was going to survive this.

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