Of all people, why me?

I am Emily Marie Green. I am just starting to go to a collage in England. Somehow there was a mix up with my dorm room and i got paired with Harry Styles. I have heard about him and he is nothing but trouble, but maybe i need some trouble in my life? Maybe i need to start letting go a little bit? Will Harry the bad boy teach me his ways? Will i go too far?


3. Meeting him

I stood there. Shocked. There was a boy in my room. "Ummmm......hi, what are you doing in my room?" i asked. "YOUR room?" He nearly shouted. "Uh, yeah..." I said very confused. What was happening? "I think there is some kind of mix up." He said a little more calm. "Dorm room 228 is mine." We exchanged papers and sure enough they both said room 228. "So, what happens now?" he asked awkwardly. "What happens now is that we get this figured out so that i can go back to my studies and away from you little pop sensation, Styles."

"Wait....what?" He looked so taken aback that i almost felt sorry for him.

"I'm not one of your big fans who would do anything to be in the same room with you Styles." I said calmly.

I then walked out of MY dorm to find someone who could figure this out, leaving him shocked and open mouthed in my room.

I found someone who looked helpful.

"Uh, m'am?"

"Yes hon?"

"There seems to be some sort of mix up with my dorm room....i was paired with a boy." I didn't even want to say his name.

"Oh, well there seems to be no other dorms left, so try to live with it and i will contact you as soon as there is an opening"

Great. Now i have to share a dorm with this ego maniac. How will i survive?

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