Of all people, why me?

I am Emily Marie Green. I am just starting to go to a collage in England. Somehow there was a mix up with my dorm room and i got paired with Harry Styles. I have heard about him and he is nothing but trouble, but maybe i need some trouble in my life? Maybe i need to start letting go a little bit? Will Harry the bad boy teach me his ways? Will i go too far?


2. A little bit about me

Okay, to start out with, my name is Emily Marie Green. I have wanted to go to Silver Star Collage practically my whole life. My parents were good to me and always helped me get to my goals. I am a only child. My family is not rich, but we are not poor either. More like a middle class thing. I have brown wavy hair and big blue eyes. I am average height and i am fit, but still have some curves. I love school, crazy right? Something inside me just loves the thrill of learning new things. I am a straight A student. Most people would call me a goody goody. Always doing he right thing. It is in my nature. But could Harry Styles change that?

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