It Starts With a Kiss

Donnie Stone is a all around famous girl trying to be a normal girl with a normal relationship without havng people use her. She moved to London, England hoping for a new start and she realizes one direcion lives there and will be going to the same school as her. Will she get with the one of the boys ? Break hearts ? well lets find out why dont we (;


5. The Surprise

Niall's P.O.V

as i was swinging donnie around i finally put her down and i kissed her more passionate than ever where i couldnt control it anymore and i grabed her hands and look her in the eyes and say "Donnie will you please do me the honor and go on a date with me?" i saw her eyes twinkle and she smiled her cute smile and said "yes my adorable prince" kissing me and messing with my hair. god she knew how to tease me and me of course being the horny virgin I am I wante her more than ever now . I told her I would be back because I was going to get our date ready and she loved food as much as I did and our favorite was Nando's so I rented the whole place out, so it would just be us too . then after that was ready I got her 12 dozen roses the red kind which were favorite because the symbolized "love" and I got her a necklace saying nialler because I knew how much she loved calling mee that and I loved it more than she did.  I sent her a text to be ready by 6 since it was already 4:45 I couldn't wait I was soo excited and I went home and got all ready ..

Donnie's P.O.V

i couldn't wait for our first date I was more than excited I couldn't stop bouncing and giggling around I wanted to look absolutely perfect for me soo I took a shower put my hair in a towel got in my robe and worked on my makeup. I curled my eyelashes and put 3 coats of mascara on put natural fake lashes on, then I highlighted my brow bone and inner corner and found a natural looking brown putting it in my crease, then I did my flawless foundation, contoured, put a baby pink blush and finished it off outing on my favorite nude pink lipstick topping it off with a matching lipgloss and highlighted my Cupid's bow and my cheek bones. Makeup done then I let my hair down and blow dried to my naturally curly hair which I loved and then picked out my favorite dress which was a soft pink strapless dress and puffy at the bottom and a white bow belt sectioning off the dress and matched it with my white wedges. Then the doorbell rand and I heard Niall's voice and I felt my heart racing and I actual felt like a normal teenage girl going on her first date ..

Niall's P.O.V

i was so nervous, and her friend reina let me in and then i saw someone coming down stairs i looked overand saw her, i could feel my whole body tremble when she cam down towards me, i instantly pulled her in too a tiight hug then i lookedat her with my hands still around her waist and her hands around my neck and I say "your absolutely stunning" I saw her blush and say "thanks" after she said bye to everyone we go out to my care and help her in and get in on my side and we started driving to Nando's and she saw no one there and said "I think it's closed babe" I ginned really big and said "nah princess" we get out and walk in

Donnie's P.O.V

i felt like Niall was going to rape me in a empty store I know weird "lol" but I had a bad life back then and it makes me a better person but anyways we sat down then the waitor came and brought with him 12 dozen roses and gave it me and there was a little letter 

" Dear My Little Princess , every since I met you I knew you were the one I've been waiting for my princess I've been waiting for and I knew right then and there I had to have you and well I love you too I'm head over heels for you .. Your Prince, -Nialler"

Tears started to form in my eyes and I couldn't stop and Niall picked me up and put me on his lap whispering all these sweet things and I finally stopped good thing my makeup was water proof or I'd look like poop but I looked at him and gave him the biggest most passionate kiss ever. After that we starte talking about our lives he told me to tell him my life story so I did 

" well most people think since of my carreer I had the perfect life. But really I didn't I grew up a happy girl till my uncle raped me I didn't tell anyone cuz I didn't want to split up the family so I just kept it a secret for so long and then I grew up till 6th grade I had depression, social anxiety, generalized anxiety and I started not eatin, but soon my mom was getting sick and the doctors kept saying she had this or she had that and gave her so much medicine and we but heads and then we had to move back Oklahoma on emergency leave from Japan and I found out my granny died and we had a special bond no one else had because I was named after her mom and then the next day my favorite dog that was mine her name was dooby and she died in my arms then my mom was diagnosed with graves diseas but her doctor didn't really care and gave her soo much medicine and she dranked all the time cuz she was having problems with my dad and she use to beat me, yell at me, then she tried to kill herself, she kicked me out, and then I would get panick attacks, soon enough my mom started getting better cuz she went into the hospital and everything then we were moving so we lived with her mom and her brother the one that raped I got into intense drugs and my mom caught me one night and she sent me too rehab and it worked let me tell yah but everything came out and I told her and them about my uncle and she flipped and then everything was okay but since I was so young it was scary for my parents and then I started to do pageants and I got into John Casablanca modeling and career center and that's how I'm here now ..." I trailed off I couldn't look Niall in the face and when I did I saw him crying and went over to him and I wiped away his tears and I said " don't cry potato please it's fine I'm fine you see I'm all fine" "I know but it hurts knowing that" he said, we talked more and getting closer then he took me to his place ..

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