It Starts With a Kiss

Donnie Stone is a all around famous girl trying to be a normal girl with a normal relationship without havng people use her. She moved to London, England hoping for a new start and she realizes one direcion lives there and will be going to the same school as her. Will she get with the one of the boys ? Break hearts ? well lets find out why dont we (;


2. Party Time

So after mine and Reina's little scream "lol" the boys look at us and just start laughing and then the bell ring and Niall started to pout but we soon all exchange numbers and i hug Niall bye and he whisphers in my "bye princess" which shot chills up my back and i giggled and went with my girls to our classes


i plop down on my bed and soon enough the girls come running in with just fits of giggles and we soon enought get ready.


Me: White corset dress, neon pink bow belt, neon pink vans

Reina: High waisted black shorts, white cropped tank top saying "Directioner", black vans

Vicky: Neon pink corset dress, white bow belt, white vans

Lola: High waisted white shorts, black cropped top saying "Directioner:, white vans

we all matched "lol" but anyways soon enough the party started and we were just having such a great time and dancing with each other then i see Niall walk in..

NIall's P.O.V

As im walking in i instantly spot Donnie and my jaw dropped she looked at me, giggled, and then motioned for me to follow her and soon enough were on the dance floor and she was grinding on me and al i have to say is i couldnt get enough of her. I wanted her right when things were getting serious she got dragged away by her friends..

Louis P.O.V

I get the guys all together and they seemed pretty hamered but i just come out with it "i like reina and we kissed!" i squinted my eyes ready for the rude comments and they just cheered i look at them confused? "Me and vicky kissed and i really like her" said Zayn "i kissed lola" said Harry grining "im very proud of you guys" said Liam and i look over where Niall was and he was gone and soon the boysnotice where i was looking at and we just laugh. then i see the girls walk in and niall picked donnie and lead her somewhere probably a room "ooooo" is what i thought then i hear "Hey carrot face" i look over and theres reina looking cuter than ever and i go up to her and she cupps my face and kisses me passionatly and i grab her by her waist pulling her close and i never wanted it to end .

Niall's P.O.V

i carried Donnie to a room which looked like hers cuz there were trophies, tiaras, and banners everywhere and i sit her down on my lap and we stare into each others eyes and i see her stare me in the eyes and then down at my lips and she bites her lip and i just grow crazy and i cup her face and just kissing her soo passionatly i feel sparks going throughout my body and she pushes me on her bed and gets on top of me kissing me all over i let out a little moan and i flip her over and kissed her from her lips, to her neck and i look her in the eyes and i say "Donnie can i tell you something" caressing her cheek "sure anything" said donnie with a smile, i get up and put her on my lap moving a bit of her curly hair out of the way "Donnie ive liked you ever since i saw you opening up on MTV and you sang that song it was absolutly beautiful and you were gorgeous and i started listening to all your interviews getting to know more and more about you and i fell in love" she looked at me biting her lip which was one of the things she did that turned me on"Niall, dont get me wrong i like you too more like love but its gonna take more than just confessing your love to me" she said winking at me and walked off so she was playing hard to get i see (;

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