It Starts With a Kiss

Donnie Stone is a all around famous girl trying to be a normal girl with a normal relationship without havng people use her. She moved to London, England hoping for a new start and she realizes one direcion lives there and will be going to the same school as her. Will she get with the one of the boys ? Break hearts ? well lets find out why dont we (;


4. Morning Beautiful

Donnie's P.O.V

so i wake up and realize all the boys were gone figures.. and then i realized i had a text from Niall <33

*From Nialler <33*

goodmorning gorgeous! i must say you are adorable when you sleep but anyways me and the boys went out to get douuts and coffee and freshen up but we will be back soon so no leaving love you princess :D

*To Donnie <33*

i smiled at my house and soon the girls were already up smileing too and we look at each other and realize we all got texted by our boys and we laughed and got ready for the day. Right when we all sit down on the couch and turned on the telly the boys come bursting through with so much donuts and coffee, me and the girls "loled" and niall came rushing by mee and gave me a box full of dounuts with.. "SPRINKLES!!" i pratically screamed to the world and niall just burt out laughing at me and i gave him a big kiss on the cheek "how did you know" i asked him confused, "just a little birdie told me" he smiled at me and tried to grab a sprinkle dounut but i slapped his hand "nuh uh hunny boo boo my dounuts" i said and laughed as niall pouted next to me and i finally gave him one and we all just started munchng away and drinking coffee it was perfect.

Niall's P.O.V

Donnie got up and went to the bathroom and left her phone and she got text message and i know i shouldnt but i did anyways it was from a guy name Chris ?

*From Chrissss*

Hey i just want to let you know i miss you and ive been thinking about you like crazy and i need you here with me why did you have to move away i get it you had drama coming at you from both ways but i was there for you. no matter what and i know ive been in the friend zone but i think im in love with you Donnie.. please come home..

*To Donnie*

i was shocked and i got a little angry and really jealous but i calmed down as donnie walked in i handed her phone and said its from chris. i see her reading it and she looked at me then to the phone to me again "did you read it ?.." sh asked looking gulity i didnt like lying to her so i looked her in the eyes and simply said "yes" "are you mad at me? because im not with him i swear he was my best friend back in america and i never knew he felt this way please dont be mad at me" she said with pleading eyes with tears about to escape her eyes, i instantly bring her close to my chest and i start playing with her hair and i pull away lift her chin up, look her in the eyes, wipe a tear away with my thumb, and i say "Donnie i trust you more than ever and i could never be mad at you and i mean i should get use to it because alot of guys are going to confess their love for you cuz come one donnie your miss universe your gorgeous, but they dont have what i have been wishing for my whole life.." "Whats that" she said between a few sniffles "my princess" i said and gave her a very passionate kiss, she pulled away and whispered in my ear "i think im in love with you" i get up so fast literally jumping and scream "yes !" i made everyone jump and i see donnie blushing and laughing at the same time showing her adorable dimples, i pick her up and i hug her swinging her around and i couldnt stop smiling for the rest of the day .

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