It Starts With a Kiss

Donnie Stone is a all around famous girl trying to be a normal girl with a normal relationship without havng people use her. She moved to London, England hoping for a new start and she realizes one direcion lives there and will be going to the same school as her. Will she get with the one of the boys ? Break hearts ? well lets find out why dont we (;


3. After Party

Donnie's P.O.V

So when i left Niall in my room he came running after me picking me up over his shoulder and well i had a pool in the back and he knew it was there and i knew he was taking me there and i screamed and laughed and boom he jumped me in with me "lol" so we were underwater and he kissed me and ive always wanted one and boom i got it and i was over joyed when we got above water i couldnt stop smiling which showed my dimples and he kissed me again and i dunk his head under water and ran out of the pool to my room to change and he came up while i was in my bra and panties and he just stopped "take a picture it last longer" i said winking at him and he laughed and said "if you insit" pulling outhis phone i run over to him screaming "i was just kidding" niall put his hands around my waist and walked in and shut the door and started kissing mee very passionatly i started running my fingers through his wet/dry hair and he smiled and soon enough i went into the bathroom to take a shower then i dried my hair, put dry clothes on, and i went back into my room and niall was there with no shirt on looking my pictures, soon enough turned around, and gawked at me "what" i say blushing, he comes closer and looks me straight in the eyes and says "your beautiful" i kissed him and looked through my clothes finding sweats that were too big for me and a tshirt my brother gave me that was obviously his "lol" but i took it anyways and me and niall just sat down talking about my life and his. i seriously was falling for Niall Horan.

Reina's P.O.V

we said bye to everyone and it was just me, louis, harry, zayn, vicky, lola, liam, and a good friend of mine that met liam was named dani. Me and the girls went up stairs to get into comfortable clothes i gave dani some clothes and we went into donnie's room and realized she was by herself. we all on her bed which could fit all us on it and we all looked at each other and just burst out laughing so we told donnie EVERYTHING that happened and she told us we just kept laughing..

Harry"s P.O.V

soo me and the boys were talking about the girls and niall was grining like a goofball so i ask him "close your mouth lad your catching flies" smirking "shut up i just cant stop thinking about Donnie i saw her in her bra and panties !! and man did she look beautiful and then she came back in just spandez and a tank top and i nearly fell to the floor pleading for her to stop teasing me and soon enough we just sat on her bed talking about everything and our lives and lads im in love like majorly in love with her" we cheered and told our stories and then he girls came down and cuddled with us and they looked like victoria secret models just saying "lol" then we all drifted to sleep talking about our lives..

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