My Brother's Friends

Skylar has an older brother named Louis, who is in the boy band One Direction. Skylar hasn't seen her brother in 2 years, and she finally gets the chance to meet up with him and his friends when they go on holiday to Hawaii. Skylar promised herself she would never fall in love again, but after she meets Louis' friends will she stay true to her promise?


5. Truth Or Dare?

*Skylar's P.O.V.*

We all are sitting on the couch and  Harry and Zayn keep looking at me. I think Louis notices and he suggests we play Truth Or Dare so everyone can get to know me. Everyone walks into the middle of the floor and we sit in a circle. Niall pulls out a bottle and spins it. Please don't land on me. Please don't land on me. I silently plead in my head. It lands on Harry. "Okay Harry truth or dare?" Niall asks. "Ummm dare." Harry replies after thinking for a bit. "Okay I dare you to strip to your boxers, and run around our hotel floor, while screaming "I'm a ninja!" Niall laughs while saying this. Everyone laughs and Harry starts taking off his clothes while mumbling something about how he should have chosen truth. I look over at Harry and he stands up and makes eye contact with me and I look down slowly admiring his structure, when I hear him cough awkwardly, "eh hm" I look up startled realizing I was staring at his abs and I feel myself blushing. He smirks at me and we watch as he runs our the front door yelling "I'm a ninja!" over and over again which makes us fall to the floor laughing. Harry gets back inside and puts his clothes back on and he spins the bottle. The bottle lands on me. Oh no. Harry smiles and asks, "Truth or dare, love?" My mind says truth but for some reason, I chose dare. "Dare." I reply. He smiles and says, "I dare you to... put as much clothes on as possible and sit like that for 5 minutes!" I then run around looking for clothes, and once I'm all bundled up I go back and sit down in the circle. I spin the bottle and it lands on Liam. "Liam truth or dare?" Liam replies truth while the other boys get annoyed at him "always choosing truth". "Okay, what is your favorite movie?" Liam replies, "Toy Story" and I am actually quite surprised that he likes a kid movie. Liam then spins the bottle and it stops on Zayn. "Truth or dare Zayn?" Liam asked. "Dare." Zayn replied. "Okay I dare you to kiss someone in this group on the lips!" Zayn looked around and his eyes found mine. I looked away from him only to realize everyone was staring at me. I looked back and saw Zayn get up and walk over to me. He sat beside me and looked me in the eyes, then he started to lean closer and close his eyes. I closed my eyes and leaned in too until our lips met. We kissed and our lips started to move in sync and I wrapped my arms around his neck, while his hands tangled in my hair. Louis started yelling, "OKAY! That's enough!" but I didn't want to stop. Zayn pulled back and we looked in each other's eyes. Then I turned my head and looked at Harry, who was staring at Zayn with anger and jealousy in his eyes. I looked at everyone else and saw their shocked eyes return my stare. "I..uh..think I should.... uh go to bed..." I stammered trying to get rid of the awkward moment. Liam got up and started saying the room mates. "Louis and Harry, Me and Niall, and Zayn and Skylar." Well it looks like I won't be able to avoid Zayn at all. I think I am falling for 2 people. Who just so happen to be best friends. Great.


Hey everyone! I hope you like it! Comment who you like! Skylar an Harry or Skylar and Zayn???

Leave comments please! ~~~Firestar~~~

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