My Brother's Friends

Skylar has an older brother named Louis, who is in the boy band One Direction. Skylar hasn't seen her brother in 2 years, and she finally gets the chance to meet up with him and his friends when they go on holiday to Hawaii. Skylar promised herself she would never fall in love again, but after she meets Louis' friends will she stay true to her promise?


2. The Plane

I finally finished packing all of my clothes and necessities for the summer and I wheeled my suitcase over to the door. I went out the door and I walked down the stairs to set my suitcase over by the front door. It is already 8:00PM!!! Wow.

"Sweetie, I have dinner ready!", my mom called from the dining room.

I replied, " Okay! " and went over to her and sat down at the table to eat my dinner. After dinner, I went upstairs and into my room. I am so tired. I climbed into bed and once I touched my head to the pillow, I instantly fell asleep.


I woke up the next morning and I look over at my clock. Holy cow it's already 9:00AM!!! I quickly got up and ran to my closet and got my "Periodic Table Of Minecraft" shirt and I also grabbed my light blue jeans and I ran to the shower. I get in and quickly wash my hair and clean my body. Finally I am done and step out into the cold air. I pull on my clothes and dry my hair. After my hair is dry, I grab my brush off the counter and I brush all the tangles out. I check my appearance in the mirror, and I have to admit, I look fairly decent. I grab my iphone 4s and run down stairs. My mom was on the couch waiting with my pancakes and I devoured my breakfast since I was in such a hurry. I finished and stood up and put my plate in the sink. I went over and gave my mom a hug and a kiss.

"Behave while with your brother okay sweetheart?" my mom asked

"Don't worry mom. I'll be fine" I replied while giving her one last hug and walking out the door to my car. I put my suitcase in the trunk and hopped in the drivers seat. I soon arrived at the airport and made my way to security. Once I passed through I sat in the chairs by my plane's gate and waited for boarding.

"Flight TTH is now boarding."

Finally! I went up to the lady and gave her my plane ticket and she let me go through. I found my seat and sat down. I pulled out my phone and ear buds and started listening to my music. I sat there for a little bit waiting for take off. Eventually the plane started to make its way into the sky. Suddenly I felt my seat jerk forward. I turned around and a little 7 year old boy was kicking my chair. Man this is going to be a long flight.

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