My Brother's Friends

Skylar has an older brother named Louis, who is in the boy band One Direction. Skylar hasn't seen her brother in 2 years, and she finally gets the chance to meet up with him and his friends when they go on holiday to Hawaii. Skylar promised herself she would never fall in love again, but after she meets Louis' friends will she stay true to her promise?


7. The Nightmare

*Skylar's P.O.V.*

I woke up the next morning with warm arms around my waist and a warm chest behind my back. I turn around and see Harry sleeping. I can't get up because he is holding me down, so I start whispering in his ear. He still does not wake up. I face him and start shaking him and yelling at him to get his lazy butt up. Harry opens his eyes sleepily and says in a sexy morning voice, "Good morning beautiful." I smile and say, "Good morning." We just sit there staring at each other when he starts to lean closer to me. He dips his head down and lightly kisses me. He starts kissing with more passion, and just my luck, Louis comes barging in and screams, "HARRY STYLES GET OUT NOW!" Harry looks shocked but sees the anger on Louis' face and runs out of the room. "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM LOUIS?" I yell. "I am just protecting you from getting hurt!!!" Louis tries to explain. "Skylar remember what happened wi-" but I interrupted him by yelling, "HARRY IS DIFFERENT AND I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. I AM NOT STUPID ENOUGH TO LET MYSELF FALL IN LOVE EASILY ANYMORE!" Louis looks taken aback and just leaves the room silently. I sit on the bed trying to sort out my muddled thoughts. Harry wouldn't break my heart, would he? Does Harry even like me? What about Zayn? Does Zayn like me? Do I like Zayn? I fall asleep and start to have the same nightmare I always have...


I was walking home from the gym late one night, and it was fairly dark out. I see this couple holding hands and kissing occasionally. The sweetness of it reminds me of Alex, who is my boyfriend. I keep walking and pass the couple, who look very familiar. I turn to get a closer look and realize the boy is Alex. MY Alex. Who is kissing my 'bestfriend'!!! I must have made a noise because they see me, and Alex smirks saying, "Oh Skylar did you really think I would date you? I mean you are ugly and a disgrace to be around." I stood there shocked. I was dumbfounded you could say. I just walked away and cried on a park bench. I stop crying and look around. It is pitch black outside now and I should go home. I stand up and start walking. I feel like I am being followed, but every time I turn around, nobody is there. I keep walking when someone pushes me against the wall. I start to scream but they move a knife to my throat. I am now crying when they yell for me to shut up. Wait. I've heard that voice before. Oh my gosh. It's Alex. Alex looks me in the eye and says he's sorry and to forgive him. I don't listen. He starts to get mad and demands me to kiss him. I force out "No.". His face turns red with anger and his eyes are black. He kicks me to the ground and uses the knife to cut me on my right side just above my hip. He turns and runs away while I sob on the ground crying as the blood pours out of the wound in my side made from my crazy ex-boyfriend.

-----------------------------------------------------------End Of Nightmare------------------------------------------------------------

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