My Brother's Friends

Skylar has an older brother named Louis, who is in the boy band One Direction. Skylar hasn't seen her brother in 2 years, and she finally gets the chance to meet up with him and his friends when they go on holiday to Hawaii. Skylar promised herself she would never fall in love again, but after she meets Louis' friends will she stay true to her promise?


9. Beach Time!!!

*Harry's P.O.V.*

I went upstairs to get my swim shorts. I think I am going to ask Skylar out while on the beach. I really like her. Maybe even love her. I put my swimsuit on then put my shorts and shirt on over top. I walked downstairs and sat on the couch waiting for Skylar. I took out my phone and made a group text.

To Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis: Hey Skylar suggested we all go to the beach. I am waiting on her to get ready, so meet us at the one by the hotel soon!

From Zayn: Okay I am almost ready see you soon!

From Liam: I just got here, so I will save a spot.

From Niall: Okay. PACK FOOD

From Louis: Sure I will be down in a sec.

Louis came down the stairs in his red and blue swim shorts. He came over and sat next to me while we waited for Zayn and Skylar. Zayn came down, followed shortly be Skylar. "Okay let's go!" Skylar yelled. "We have to get Niall Skylar." I reminded her. "Ok let's go! I am ready!" Niall yelled while coming out of the kitchen. Well that was a surprise. (Note the sarcasm) We ran out the front door, and got in the car. We drove to the beach, none of us talking and I didn't want to be the one to break that silence. "We're here!" Louis yelled while jumping out of the car. I got out and followed everyone down to the beach where we found Liam waiting for us. I took off my clothes so I was in my swimsuit, and waited while Skylar did the same. She took her shirt and shorts off to reveal a Batman bikini with little Batman symbols on the top half. Wow she looked good. "Let's go in Sky!" I said, trying to get her to come in with me. "No thanks Harry. I think I will just tan." Not today. I ran over and picked her up, then ran down to the ocean. She was screaming and yelling, "Louis help me! Harry is insane!" I smiled when we reached the water and she gripped me tighter and said, "Styles don't you dare." I smirked and set her on the ground making her think I was going to let her walk away. "Thank yo-" she never finished because I tackled her into the water. I pulled her back up and she was glaring at me. I started laughing at her, and she yelled "Not funny Harry!" but I heard the laughter in her voice. I pulled her closer and looked into her eyes. She locked gazes with me and before I would convince myself not to ask I blurted out, "Will you be my girlfriend?" She looked at me for a second. Then nodded smiling. I bent down and kissed her. "Eww look at the lovebirds!" Niall screamed. I pulled away from Skylar and glared at him and he just smiled and ran up to us. Soon everyone was in the water and we started splashing each other. Skylar kept laughing when she splashed me and Liam and Louis were in a splash war themselves. Zayn was busy checking his appearance and Niall was eating pizza. Typical. I turned back to Skylar and I started chasing her, loving the way she giggled as I followed her. I wish this could last forever.



Hey everyone! I hope you like my update. I am sorry for leaving all these author messages... I guess I shouldn't since no one reads them anyway, right? Oh well. I will update tomorrow! Love ya!


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