My Brother's Friends

Skylar has an older brother named Louis, who is in the boy band One Direction. Skylar hasn't seen her brother in 2 years, and she finally gets the chance to meet up with him and his friends when they go on holiday to Hawaii. Skylar promised herself she would never fall in love again, but after she meets Louis' friends will she stay true to her promise?


3. Arriving In Hawaii

*Skylar's P.O.V.*

A few hours later a flight attendant came in and said we would be landing soon and we needed to buckle our seatbelts. I buckled up and felt the plane start to dip downward as we descended towards the Hawaii airport. We soon landed and I got up while stretching from the stiffed and cramped up position I was forced to sit in. I followed everyone off the plane and went to clam my luggage. I picked up my bags and started walking out of the airport. I got out my phone and texted Louis.

-To Louis: Where are you? I am almost outside.

-From Louis to Skylar: I am outside. Meet us by the fountain.

-To Louis: Okay.

I walk outside, only to be greeted by screaming teenage girls. I look around trying to spot Louis, but I can't seem to find him. All of a sudden I am being pulled away from the crowd of girls and away from the airport. I realize it's a boy that is pulling me and I try to wiggle free, but I fail.

"Stop pulling me right now!" I yell hoping he will stop. He stops and I turn to look at him. He has brown curly hair and bright green eyes. He seems to be my age, but for some reason he is smirking at me.

"Hi I'm Harry." He smiles showing his dimples. Gosh he's kinda cute...

"I...I'm Skylar." I stutter still gazing in his beautiful eyes. He chuckles and says, "You must be Loui..." he got interrupted by a boy running over to us. "LOUIS!!!" I smile at my brother and give him a hug. "Well it looks like you already met Harry." I reply a quick and shy "Yep!" "Well let me take you to the hotel to meet the other boys!" Louis suggested. "Sure! Let's go!" I start walking with Louis and Harry to the car we rented for the summer and Louis gets in the driver's seat while Harry and I sit in the back. I sit in the car listening as Louis turns on the radio and I turn to look out the window, but I can't help but notice Harry staring at me the whole ride.



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