Every problem has a solution

When Marisol and her two cousins Sandra and Vanessa go to London to celebrate their victory on graduating from school ,they meet the idols of their life and become more that just friends but along the way there's some problems with fame hate and pressure. Will Zayn Harry and Niall prove to them that every problem has a solution? Or will one or two or all three of them break?


12. The ask

Chapter 12
Marisols P.O.V 
He takes my hand and walks me to the center of the floor. We start to dance again and this time there's no stoping. I guess knowing what Niall thinks of me made me let go and have even more fun. 
"Wow you getting drunk there or what?" Niall whispers in my ear. 
"No I'm just doing something called having fun you should try it" I yell back
"Love I tough you how to have fun" He chuckles. I smile at him and keep dancing. When we both agree we've had enough. We walk back to the bar sit around for a while and then look for the rest to leave. I walk through the crowed and look for the girls and find Vanessa first. 
"Hey Vanessa let's go its getting late" I yell
"No wait up" she pushes me away. 
"Bitch were leaving now and shit your breath" I grab her arm drag her to the bar along with Zayn. I then look for Sandra and Harry.
"Sandra were leaving lets go"  I grab her arm and walk. 
"Bitch calm down were having fun" Sandra shakes my hand of and starts to dance. 
"No lets go" I grab her arm tight and drag her and Harry to the bar. 
"Okay let's go" Niall says holding my hand. We say a long bye to Liam Danielle Louis and Eleanor. By the time were done saying bye the rest are in the car waiting. Niall and I start walking towards the exit. When we get outside be stops me. 
"Wait Marisol I want to ask you something" he holds my hand. 
"Yeah" I say. 
"Ahh I um..." He stops and takes a deep breath ,"Marisol I really like you in fact a lot and I want to know if you um you know wanna be my girlfriend"
"Umm.....I...." I snap out of it ,"Yes Niall I would love to be your girlfriend" I say
"Really even though you know what you would have to go through" he says with a frown. 
"Yeah Niall I like you the same way too and if your willing to give it a try I'm willing to give it a try too and deal with whatever I'll have to go through" I say and I see a smile form in his face. 
"Thanks so much you don't know how much this means to me" he says as he gets closer and hugs me by the waist and I hug him back. Just then as I'm about to speak we hear someone honking the car at us. We turn to the Rover and see Harry and Zayn sticking their heads out the window. 
"Niall lets go I'm drunk and can't drive!" Zayn yells. 
"Let's go I want to go to sleep lets go" Harry keeps honking the car about 3 times. We both start laughing. We walk towards the Rover. Niall takes my hand he turns to me and smiles. I lean to him and grab his forearm. We drive to the hotel and the boys drop us off. 
"Okay bye then babe I'll talk to you tomorrow" I says. I know he can feel the awkwardness too. He leans in and kisses my cheek and I smile. 
"Yeah ill talk to you tomorrow!" I give him a kiss back in the cheek and hug him tight then let go. 
"Okay then bye" he takes a step back. 
"Bye" I respond. 
"I love you" he winks and I don't know how to describe the feeling I get as I hear that. 
"I love you too" I return the wink. He smiles and walks away. I search for Sandra and Vanessa who seem to be saying bye to their 'boyfriends'. Eleanor wasn't kidding they are really dating they hug each other and then a peck in the cheek. They take a while saying bye and catch up to me. We get to our room. 
"Oh no you don't you both are taking a shower" I say as they lay down. "You guys smell like crap" Without any arguing Sandra gets in the shower first and quickly comes out and then Vanessa gets in. As soon as she comes out I go in and take a shower. Bye the time I'm done taking a shower the girls are up in their beds sleeping. I wait for my hair to dry a bit and then go to sleep. 

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