Every problem has a solution

When Marisol and her two cousins Sandra and Vanessa go to London to celebrate their victory on graduating from school ,they meet the idols of their life and become more that just friends but along the way there's some problems with fame hate and pressure. Will Zayn Harry and Niall prove to them that every problem has a solution? Or will one or two or all three of them break?


9. 'Shall we"..."We shall"

Chapter 9
I'm the first to wake up in the morning I always I'm. I walk to the kitchen and start to make some pancakes. Vanessa and Sandra sure love their pancakes. By the time I'm done the girls are awake and we sit down to eat. 
"So Niall invited us to the club tonight" I say while grabbing the syrup. 
"Shut up" Sandra exclaims. 
"No he did" I answere. 
"You better not be playing around" Vanessa says. 
"I'm not he said they'll come pick us up at 9pm" I answer. 
"OMG I would scream but my voice is gone from yesterday" Vanessa says. 
"Lol mine too" we all start to laugh. 
"Oh yeah Zayn said hi and to text him" I tell Vanessa and she smiles,"and Harry said hi and to text him" I tell Sandra and she giggles.  When were done eating I wash the dishes and sit down with the girls. When I sit down with the girls I notice they are watching my favourite movie 'The Hunger Games' which is their favourite too. 
"You know what we need something to eat right now" Sandra walks to the kitchen and we hear a lot if noise coming from the kitchen. 
"There we go" Sandra walks out the kitchen towards us with a bucket of cookies and cream ice cream with wipe cream chocolate fudge and three cherries on top of it.   
"Time to get fat" Vanessa adds. We all start to laugh as we start to eat it. 
"No no I hate this part" Vanessa and Sandra say at the same time as the part were Rue dies comes closer. When the part has past we're all in tears. 
The girls and I have already gotten ready. I'm wearing (http://s3.favim.com/orig/39/cute-dress-fashion-girl-sexy-Favim.com-320445.jpg) with (http://stuffpoint.com/shoes/image/175672-shoes-heels.jpg). Sandra's wearing (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=60215089) with her favorite high heels I bought her for her birthday (http://cdnimg.visualizeus.com/thumbs/48/50/black,pumps,cheap,pumps,cute,pumps,designer,pumps,fashion,pumps,high,heels-4850d0171d14f776ecad01e559e6e1f9_h.jpg). Vanessa is wearing (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6gjl2l7PV1r4o890o1_500.jpg) with her favorite heels that I got her for her birthday too (http://data.whicdn.com/images/24887587/tumblr_lzmilm9u5G1r04xe5o1_500_thumb.jpg). I've got to say we look pretty hot. 
"We look good" I say. 
"No we look hot" Sandra adds. 
"No sexy" Vanessa says and we all start laughing. 
"Guys before we got back home I want to get nice like nice heels" I say. 
"Yeah we should go tomorrow (Monday)" Sandra adds
"Yeah I could use some heels I guess" Vanessa says and just then my phone rings. 
Niall: hey Marisol were down here if you want to come down
Me: okay well be down there in a sec
Niall: okay then see you in a bit
Me: ok bye
Niall: bye
I hang up. 
"Okay the boys are here their down at the lobby" I say
"Okay let's go have some fun" Sandra says. We get out of the room and get in the elevator. 
"Omg I'm so excited" Vanessa says. 
"Me to I still can't believe this is happening" I say. 
"Me either I keep thinking this is a dream" Sandra says. 
"We'll it's not" Vanessa says. 
"I've pinched my self like 1,000 times" I respond. Just then were at the lobby and the doors open. 
"Shall we" Sandra smirks at us. 
"We shall" Vanessa and I say at the same time. 

Again sorry for the links :) 

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