Every problem has a solution

When Marisol and her two cousins Sandra and Vanessa go to London to celebrate their victory on graduating from school ,they meet the idols of their life and become more that just friends but along the way there's some problems with fame hate and pressure. Will Zayn Harry and Niall prove to them that every problem has a solution? Or will one or two or all three of them break?


4. My head jerks back and forth

Chapter 4
"That shit was the longest thing ever!" I say passing the airports entrance. 
"I know huh" Sandra says. Vanessa and I stop and look at her. 
"Bitch you slept half the time then woke up saying "don't forget to feed the cows" what ever that meant and then you went back to sleep" I say with a chuckle. We all of the sudden burst out laughing. 
"OMG okay ill go rent a car you wait here" Vanessa says as she walks towards the car rental. Sandra and I could already drive but not in the UK but Vanessa can. About 20 minutes later Vanessa comes with a five passenger silver car. We load the car with our things and then Vanessa drives us to the hotel.  We get a room on the 7th floor since I don't feel comfortable up so high.
"OMG are you for real!" Vanessa says as we enter the room and who can blame her. The room has three beds a bathroom with hot tub a flat screen tv a massive walk in closet and a kitchen with a dining table. 
"Okay no worries the beds are the same size!" I say as I look out to the beds.
"Okay no need to flight this time" Sandra says. 
"Okay well ima hit the shower" I say I take my suitcase and place it in the middle bed. I charge my phone and connect my laptop. I grab my shorts and tang top and take a shower. When I'm out of the shower the girls are all dressed up to go. 
"Where we going?" I ask
"We're going to MacDonald's I'm hungry so hurry and change" Vanessa answeres and I nod. I walk to my suitcase and grab my favourite outfit and put it on. I don't put much make up on just I layer of eyeliner. By this time my hair is dry and curly down my back. I grab my purse and put my stuff in it. 
"K I'm ready" I say. I'm wearing (http://data.whicdn.com/images/33529834/chic-casual-hermes-berkin-shorts-cardi-jewelmint-necklace-coffee-casual-date-so-cute-school-what-to-wear-so-cute-outfit-idea-ideas-style-fashion-insperation-cassandra-bankson-diamondsandheels14_large.jpg) with (http://cdn-s3-1.wanelo.com/product/image/2515308/original.jpg). Sandra is wearing (http://s2.favim.com/orig/32/clothes-fashion-outfit-pretty-shorts-Favim.com-252392.jpg) with (https://www.wearecivil.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/cordones_blkcanvas.jpg). Vanessa is wearing (http://data.whicdn.com/images/31776042/tumblr_m5l3piSpbz1rywpqvo1_500_large.jpg) with (http://images.toms.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/900x640/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/w/-/w-nude-morocco-crochet-h-s11.jpg). This makes Vanessa and Sandra show their curves just right. 
"Nice curves!" Sandra says. 
"Oh shut up big ass" I say we a chuckle. 
"Okay big asses lets go" Vanessa says as we walk out the room. 
"Oh shut up you have the biggest ass" Sandra says. 
"Oh shut up we all do!" We all start to laugh. We take the elevator down and walk to the car. Vanessa drives. Sandra sits in front and I sit in the back. Just as we are pulling out of the parking lot my head jerks back and forth to the seat giving me huge pain on my neck. 
"What the fuck happened?" I ask. 
"I have no idea" Sandra says. 
"You've got to be fucking kidding me" Vanessa exclaims looking back at the back window behind me. I turn my head and look through the back window and see that a black Range Rover has just crashed us.  
"Shit" I whisper. 

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