Every problem has a solution

When Marisol and her two cousins Sandra and Vanessa go to London to celebrate their victory on graduating from school ,they meet the idols of their life and become more that just friends but along the way there's some problems with fame hate and pressure. Will Zayn Harry and Niall prove to them that every problem has a solution? Or will one or two or all three of them break?


15. Girls being girls

Chapter 15
Marisol's P.O.V
We enter the store and I feel in heaven. There's heels everywhere and cute ones. 
"OMG look at these call dibs" Sandra says running towards a pair heels.  
"Oh my god" Vanessa says walking towards another pair of heels. I just can't help but to laugh. We look like little five year olds in a candy shop or at Chuckie Cheese. 
"Hi my name is Anne can I help you with something" A girl from behind me asks. I turn around to face her 
"No we're okay at the moment thanks though" I respond. 
"Oh my your Niall Horans girlfriend can I have a picture with you!" She exclaims while taking her phone out. 
"Sure" I smile at the camara and she takes the picture. 
"Thank you" she says
"No prob" she walks away. I look around and I'm not convinced by any of the heels I see. I'm a person who doesn't let the money got to fast. I search for Vanessa and Sandra who have like three pairs of heels with them. 
"Guys have you seen the price of the shoes" I say. They look down at the tags with wide eyes. 
"But there so cute I can't pick just one" Sandra says almost crying. 
"I think I'm taking these" Vanessa  holds up a pair of heels. While Sandra is almost crying over which pair she'll take. 
"Oh my god look at these OMG no there mine" I say as I look at a pair of heels. 
"OMG those are cute" Vanessa says. 
"You have to but those no matter what" Sandra says. 
"Oh really which ones are you taking" I ask her. 
"It hurts but I'm only taking these" she holds up the heels. Not taking the heels is unthinkable. I grab them. 
"Okay you girls ready" I ask. 
"Yeah" Vanessa says. We both look at Sandra who is still breaking her head over what to take. 
"Come on Sandra you'll be okay" I take her arm. 
"Ok I'm taking the best ones" she responds. Vanessa and I start to laugh. We walk up to the desk and ask for our size. 
"Oh your in luck those were our last pair" the girl comes out from the storage room and hands me the box.
"Thanks" I chuckle and she smiles. 
 "Those are yours" She hands Sandra a box. 
"Thank you" Sandra says. 
"And here you are" he hands Vanessa her shoes. 
"Thanks" she says. I put the heels on and start to walk in them and the girls join me. 
"I'm taking them" I tell them as I put them back in the box. The girls do so and we pay. Vanessa bought really cute ones (http://www.favething.com/uploads/images/main-fave-images/main-d2f488ff00cee798c7f827faf47c49fc9c5f8d67.jpg). Sandra I took some tears but she's okay (http://data.whicdn.com/images/20792928/cute-heels-legs-white-Favim.com-260493_large.jpg). Me oh man I'm in love (http://www.goodinthebox.com/images/uploads/20120218/3681-T1DBGSXhdlXXbIgFZY-025314.jpg). We walk out the store to see the paparazzi still there. 
"MARISOL VANESSA SANDRA!" How in the world do the boys deal with this.  
"I want Starbucks" Sandra says. 
"Lets go then" Vanessa responds. We walk to Starbucks and buy our coffee the paparazzi waiting outside. 
"Here we go again" I say as we walk out. "I'm not in mood to shop anymore" I says. 
"Yeah let's go" Sandra adds. 
"Okay let's leave" Vanessa says. We walk to the entrance were we came in from. Once outside we find the car and put our stuff in the back.  Vanessa gets in the car and drives.
"So do we go to the hotel" Vanessa asks. 
"Yeah we can't go anywhere else" Sandra adds. 
"We'll at least we got our heels" I answer. 
"Shhh your going to make Sandra cry again" Vanessa says. 
"They were just so beautiful" Sandra takes a drink of her coffee. 
"The price wasn't so pretty huh" I take a sip from my coffee.
"OMG I can't believe you would cry" Vanessa grabs her coffee and drinks. We talk about stuff and then get to the hotel and sure enough the pap are there. We ignore them and get to our room. 

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