Every problem has a solution

When Marisol and her two cousins Sandra and Vanessa go to London to celebrate their victory on graduating from school ,they meet the idols of their life and become more that just friends but along the way there's some problems with fame hate and pressure. Will Zayn Harry and Niall prove to them that every problem has a solution? Or will one or two or all three of them break?


6. "Believe me I won't"

Chapter 6
The ride to McDonalds is pretty silent till WMYB comes up on the radio. I just couldn't resist but to start humming to it and taping my foot. By the time the song is over we are at McDonald's. Niall opens my door. 
"Thank you" I say. Just as I'm about to turn around I catch Sandra and Harry giggling over there. I look for Vanessa and see that she's doing the same thing but she's giggling with Zayn. 
"Guess they're friends now" Niall says catching up to me. 
"Yeah they're really in for a good impression un like me" I respond. 
"What are you taking about? You had a good impression on me!" He says and I just smile. We get to the door and Sandra and Vanessa catch up. I elbow both of them and rise my eyebrow towards Harry and Zayn. 
"Oh shut up you think we didn't see you and Niall" Sandra says and Vanessa raises her eyebrows at me. I walk in to the restaurant and see that the boys are ordering already. 
"Hey what do you girls want" Zayn asks. We walk towards the front. 
"Can I have chicken nuggets with median fries and median coke and buffalo source please" the lady takes my order. 
"Can I have the same but BBQ please" Vanessa says. 
"Can I have the same but a spicy please" Sandra adds. All of our orders are done and we take a seat. 
"So what are your names?" Harry asks. 
"My name is Sandra" Sandra says. 
"We'll that's a loving name" Harry winks at her. 
"What about you?" Niall asks. 
"Oh my name is Marisol and this is Vanessa" I say and Niall smiles. 
"I'm guessing by your names and accents your not from around here" Zayn says. 
"Yeah we're from America well actually were American Mexican" Vanessa says. 
"That's cool what are you doing out here?" Harry asks. 
"We're here for a visit before Marisol goes to collage" Sandra says. 
"Really what collage are you going to?" Niall asks. 
"Nothing big" I answer. 
"Marisol!" Vanessa looks at me. 
"She got a full scholarship to one of the best schools in New York City to become a arts teacher such as music and drama" Sandra adds. 
"So if you want to be a music professor I guess you play a instrument" Niall asks. 
"No not re-" Vanessa cuts me of. 
"She's amazing on the piano" I give her I look. 
"She's great at any instrument piano violin cello viola base electric guitar and she even tough me how to play guitar" Sandra adds I give her a look telling her to stop. 
"That's great" Niall smiles at me. 
"Yeah did I mention Vanessa and Sandra are great great singers they won the schools show case 3 times in a row" Sandra and Vanessa look at me. 
"Yeah along with you" I roll my eyes at them. 
"Okay so now that we know you three sing your ganna have to sing for us some day" Zayn says. 
"Yes I bet you ladies have a great voice" Harry adds. 
"So do you boys" I say. 
"Oh so you know" Niall chuckles. 
"How can we not we love One Direction" Sandra says. 
"We've been big fans for quite a while now" Vanessa says. 
"Yeah when I saw you guys out there I had to cover my mouth so I wouldn't scream" I add. 
"Oh well thank you" Niall says. 
"It was nice to meet you girls" Zayn says looking at Vanessa and winking at her. 
"Most fans when we meet them they flip" Harry says. Me and the girls laugh. All six if us buy a smoothie and the boys take us to our hotel. 
"Hey can I have your number?" Niall asks and I smile. 
"Sure let me see your phone" he hands me his  phone and put my phone number in it. 
"Text me okay don't forget okay" he stares at me in the eyes. 
"Sorry it's just that your eyes were hazel and now there green" he says.
"Yeah Sandra Vanessa and my eyes do that they turn hazel inside and green outside" I say. 
"That's cool you have beautiful eyes love" he says and I blush. 
"Thanks" I smile. 
"Okay I better get going the lads are waiting for me ill text you okay" Niall says walking towards me giving me huge hugs. Damn his hugs are the best. 
"Okay but don't forget okay" I say back.
"Trust me I won't" he winks at me and I smile. "Bye"
"Bye" I say back and he's out if sight and I catch up with the girls inside. 

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